Pinterest (somewhat) Fail – Fake Snow


Ok, so I have been seeing these pins all over Pinterest – creating your own fake snow for playtime indoors. Remember how I said I am not all that crafty? Well, we were at Wal-Mart last night and my husband was reviewing different leave-in conditioners for his beard (he is able to grow this amazing beard, but I am not a fan of it. It is scratchy and because he loves me so much, he tries to find ways to make it less scratchy – like a leave-in conditioner..I know, what a man!). It was taking a while, and my eye landed on the coconut shampoo by Suave. I got the bright idea that I was pretty sure that was one of only TWO ingredients needed for fake snow. Now, I am not a fan of real snow, and I know it will be here soon enough (we actually had some snow/sleet over the weekend for like 30 minutes, but nothing stuck. Thank you, JESUS!), but in the meantime, why not have some craft time? Does this qualify as craft time? Sure, why not? For me, this is “crafty”. So I go to Pinterest, on my phone, there in Wal-Mart, and find this recipe. Looks simple enough – two ingredients. Baking soda and conditioner. I didn’t even open the pin/website. Just saw the main picture and went from there. Grabbed the conditioner (ok, I grabbed two, because if this is a success, I can do this several times! I will be stuck in a 800 sq ft home for MONTHS this winter, I need activities!) and headed back towards the laundry aisle for the baking soda. Well, I combed the laundry aisle and only saw this giant vat of something Arm & Hammer. Looked like it could be baking soda. It had Oxiclean in it, but that can’t change the mixture too much, can it? I didn’t even think about the color. But would a 2-year-old even care about the color? I am sure not…

This morning, I decided to mix it up – looked at the pin again (no, not the actual website, just the picture). Easy, 2 cups of baking soda and 1/2 cup conditioner. Done. My son was right there watching, all excited. First off – WOW. What a smell. I mean, it’s a clean smell..because it’s coconut conditioner and Arm & Hammer with Oxiclean…but holy cow. My kitchen smelled like a laundromat mixed with a hair salon. I was already fighting a headache and this wasn’t helping.


As you can see (somewhat), the “snow” was more like a crumbly blue crust type of thing. It wasn’t really snow. I looked at the website for real and turns out she used THREE cups of baking soda, not TWO, like the picture states. Also, I’m not positive that I got actual baking soda. In fact, I am positive I didn’t. BUT I do make my laundry detergent, so I’ll just figure out a way to use this big box for that. Eh, in the end, my son and I had a little experiment in making sure our entire house (remember – 800 sq ft? Smells fill it quickly) smells, well, clean, but OVERWHELMINGLY so. I dumped out the “snow” and took the garbage right outside, even though the garbage is not full. I can’t have that smell in here all day. Too much!

What project from Pinterest should I try next? Hmmm….

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