I’m so happy to see Friday – kind of..no, I am. Yes, I am….


How did the remainder of my Thursday go? Well, I did have to uninstall the original malware that I installed (my computer was running much too slow), and install a different one. But that wasn’t too bad. My husband took us out for dinner (we had a “buy one, get one free” coupon for a local Italian restaurant – Z and I split some yummy spaghetti and monstrous meatballs), and then when we got home, I made the cookies, while my husband played catch in the yard and took a walk with Z. They came back in just as the cookies were coming out of the oven and Z was all excited to test them. I explained that they were hot, so he did what is perfectly normal when something is too hot to eat right away – he blew on them. Ah, the logic of a child. 🙂

After the cookies were baked and cooling, we had some snuggle time and then it was off to bed for our son.

What’s on today’s agenda? Well, I have to do a Sam’s Club grocery run. I didn’t think we needed that much, but when I started actually taking inventory, I realized we need quite a few things. Of course! After that? I would like to do NOTHING. Maybe stare into space? Which could very well happen, considering Roxy woke me up at 4:20 with a need to use the outdoors. She didn’t quite make it (probably because I didn’t wake up fast enough) for the first hit, but then once I got her outside, she was out there for quite a while. Not surprising, considering she hasn’t pooped since Tuesday (not alarming, according to the vet).

I also have to do research to determine what food we’re going to start using for Roxy. I need to make sure we’re putting her on a good one – one that won’t make her sick again. That will take up some of my time. Hmm….I should probably get on that. Z is still sleeping, so off I go!

Have a great Friday everyone!

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