The Two D’s – my Dog and my Dentist


Ok, so the last 36 hours or so have been a little busy – it included all the normal day-to-day things, but then we also had to add in a few more things. For one – our canine child, Roxy, has been having a few issues. She’s been waking us up (read: between 3:30-4:30am) by pooping in the house from Friday morning through Monday morning. On top of that, she’s also been puking up yellow bile almost daily for a few weeks. My husband did some research and it would appear it could be the food we’ve been feeding her. Now, we’ve been feeding her the same dog food, Blue Buffalo, for years. Maybe 6-7? However, we finally changed her to “senior” dog food about 2 months ago. We’ve always known she has a more sensitive stomach, but we thought if we stayed with the same brand and same flavor (chicken), she’d be ok. Well, we’re not the only ones having issues with Blue Buffalo. Turns out others are seeing the same symptoms in their dogs – shaking (she’s been shaking for over a year and we just thought it was her age), puking bile, and diarrhea. I contacted a friend who works at a vet office and she suggested we try a bland diet of boiled chicken and white rice. Once we do that for a few days, if everything calms down with Roxy and it appears the symptoms have disappeared, then we’ll know the issue was resolved, due to diet. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, then we’ll have to decide the next step – which could mean testing at a vet’s office. So Monday night we ran and grabbed some chicken breasts and I boiled 3 large chicken breasts and steamed 2 cups rice.



Once they rice and chicken were cooked, I shredded the chicken in my Kitchenaid stand mixer (seriously – the best way to shred any meat!! Just throw the meat in the bowl, use the batter attachment – I think that’s what it’s called..but don’t quote me, and let it do the work for you! ). Once I had the chicken shredded, I measured out the rice and chicken and mixed them together in a large bowl (my friend advised we feed Roxy equal parts chicken and rice, 1-1.5 cups of the mixture, twice a day). Amazingly, the 3 large chicken breasts and 2 cups of uncooked rice produced an equal amount of cooked food! If I remember correctly, it was about 7 cups each, so 14 cups total. Roxy is definitely loving this new food.



I heat it up in the microwave for about 20 seconds before every meal. She started this new food Monday night. She only puked a VERY small amount yesterday afternoon (outside, thankfully!), and we’ve had no accidents inside. Also, she hasn’t been shaking! So it would appear that it was her dog food causing all this. Time will tell. The hard part is to now find a new dog food that she will be able to handle. One that won’t break the bank.

On top of that fun activity – I had a dentist appointment last night. Now, here’s the thing. I went to the dentist for the first time in probably 3 years this past February. Yes, I know, terrible! However, the previous dentist I had was AWFUL. Her bedside manner was horrendous and her staff was even worse. Here’s the thing, I have a very small mouth. Teeny tiny. It makes it hard for dentists to work in my mouth, take x-rays, etc… I have to ask them to take a small break just to let me close my mouth for a second, also, because my jaw gets very tight. My last dentist was not a fan of this and would often make “jokes” at my expense, but would make it seem like it’s funny and I should laugh at the jokes. Because of my bad experiences with her and her assistants, I was in no hurry to see another dentist. However, I knew, I needed to see one because I was having issues with my mouth. So in February I made an appointment to see a new dentist – one my husband had seen and really liked. Turns out, I have finally found a dentist I LOVE. I love the staff, I love the office and I love the dentist. He’s funny and he understands my small mouth and makes sure I’m comfortable at all times. Remember how I hate needles? I NEVER even feel the needle when he numbs me. When I went in February, he noticed 8, yes EIGHT, cavities. We made the necessary appointments and I had all 8 of them filled. I was never in pain for any of them. He was talkative and so was his assistant. They kept me comfortable through all of it. However, after all the fillings, I was still having pain, especially in the lower left side of my mouth. Like to the point that I have to take Tylenol every 6 hours or I honestly can’t even talk. He couldn’t figure it out, so he sent me to an oral surgeon to see if maybe it’s my wisdom teeth (side note: the last dentist? She told me I didn’t have ANY of my wisdom teeth. That’s how ridiculous she was. She honestly told me I didn’t have any wisdom teeth. Turns out, I have all 4 of them and 1 of them is even slightly coming through. How is she a dentist!!! I now wonder about any and all work she ever did on when she charged me for the “laughing gas” and I kept telling her it wasn’t working, that it seemed to just be air, and she said I didn’t know what I was talking about?? Hmmm…..). Anyway, the oral surgeon said that if I wanted to have my wisdom teeth removed, he was willing to do it, but that there were risks involved because of my age and because of how my wisdom teeth are in my, you guessed it, teeny tiny mouth. So he left it up to me. He said he can’t figure out why I’m having the pain. He couldn’t see a cause for it. We discussed TMJ (because I do have a tight mouth at times, but again, this doesn’t seem to be associated with TMJ) and ruled that out.

So yesterday, I went back to my dentist for a 6 month cleaning and follow-up. I was in pain and the lower left side was so sensitive. My dentist and the hygienist couldn’t believe how sensitive I was. They have no idea what’s wrong or how to fix it. They sent me home with a prescription mouth rinse. I’ll try that for a few days and see if it helps. If it doesn’t, then we discuss possibly gum therapy, or sending me to a periodontist. If the periodontist doesn’t know what is wrong, then I go see an endodontist. Yup, all because I have pain and no one knows why!!! Well, God does, but no one on Earth can figure it out. It’s really frustrating. 🙁 That was last night.

Today? Today I’m making cookies. It’s been a few since I made cookies. And baking always cheers me up. 🙂 I wanted to try a pumpkin roll, per my husband’s request, but the Amish Cooking cookbook doesn’t have a recipe for that. What??? So I’ll do what I always do – call my mom for the recipe. 🙂

6 thoughts on “The Two D’s – my Dog and my Dentist

  1. Sorry you’re having mouth pain! That’s the worse. I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out when I was 20ish and they said that was late to be doing it. I’ll be praying that you get it figured out. So glad you found a good dentist!
    As for dog food, you might look into Call of the Wild. You can’t get it at Petco/Petsmart but we have quite a few pet stores here that carry the “better” brands. Harley, our dog, has a super sensitive stomach (like she can’t handle any human food) and Call of the Wild has, so far, been the only brand she can handle. I’m not willing to experiment too much since we found something that works. Good luck!

    1. Thanks! Roxy has always been more sensitive as well. She never had any human food. Until Z….now she SOMEHOW can handle it. Odd, no? Hmm….anyway, she’s been doing really well the last few days, since we have her on the chicken and rice. So now we need to find a low fat food for her (according to the vet tech I’ve been talking to). One that won’t break the bank!

  2. You should go online and write a review about your previous dentist. She sounds horrible! Save someone else from the trouble and finding out the hard way.

    Also, do you use toothpaste with whitening? I was having some pain in my mouth awhile ago and my dentist suggested I check my toothpaste for whitening. I was positive I hadn’t bought any with whitening…but a check of the tube told me I was wrong. I switched to a toothpaste without the whitening and it totally helped. Now—I wasn’t having the pain as bad as you described but just a thought for you to check out.

    1. That’s funny you mention the whitening – my hygienist Tuesday night said the same thing. She said to get a toothpaste without whitening in it AND she recommends Colgate over Crest. 😉 What, 20 years later and Colgate is still approved! 🙂
      Got home and realized that the toothpaste we bought (in bulk, at Sam’s and we still have a whole tube and 3/4 to go through!) have whitening in them AND it’s Crest. GRRRRR!!! Oh well, I’m switching to try and see if that helps.

      1. Interesting… I can’t use Crest, Colgate, etc. because of my super sensitive teeth, which I inherited from my dad. Didn’t even think of mentioning it but you might try Toms of Maine toothpaste. It’s all we use, for us and the girls, but it’s a little more expensive. I figure no pain and better for you far outweighs the cost.

        1. Thanks! I am going to try that (Toms of Maine) because I am willing to try just about anything at this point. The pain is just ridiculous! I don’t have any sensitivity to hot or cold, it’s when I have super chewy food. Or so it seems. There are times when my mouth hurts for absolutely no reason!

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