A Rude Awakening for a Friday Morning


What’s a wrong way to wake up on a Friday morning? How about your dog taking a nice poop in the bedroom? Yeah….that happened this morning. At 4:25 am. 20 minutes before my alarm was set to go off. You know? Just close enough that, by the time I took her out and my husband and I cleaned up the mess in the bedroom, there was about 9 minutes left before my alarm actually did go off. So that meant that I did not go back to sleep. I contemplated setting my alarm for a later time, but it’s Friday – that means mopping the floors before my son wakes up (there’s no way mopping will happen with him awake. He’d walk all over them!). So I’ve officially been up since 4:25 am. Yawn…..

Alright, now on to less disgusting things. I tried a new recipe from the Amish Cooking cookbook last night! This time it wasn’t a dessert! 🙂 I had pizza on the menu so I found several different options in the cookbook and chose one (see recipe here). We got home a little later than planned from grocery shopping, so I did just the crust part of the recipe instead of the whole recipe, but I look forward to trying the whole recipe next time. I think it’ll be even more yummy!

Now, of course, Z got his chair and “helped” mommy prep the crust and we got it worked onto the pizza stone (a Pampered Chef stone – what else? :)).


The dough was really easy to make and work with. I will do more with it next time, when it comes to flavoring. I wanted to follow the recipe, verbatim, the first time though. It tasted delicious, as it stands, but I love a flavored crust. Also, there are no eggs in this crust and it would be easy to make this gluten-free by simply using gluten-free flour. It calls for milk, but you could substitute water and make this dairy free as well.

Anyway, since I wasn’t making the sauce from scratch (because we were tight on time), I just put on some spaghetti sauce, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese and popped it into the oven.


Waited about 25 minutes and it turned out a little crispy on top and bottom – perfection!


According to my husband – the texture of the crust is that of a butter biscuit almost. Which is funny, because there isn’t any butter! There is some olive oil in the dough, so maybe that helped? Next time I am going to try a few different things to make it “healthy”. I’m going to use coconut oil (or grape seed oil) in place of the olive oil, use water instead of milk, and use gluten-free flour instead of regular flour. Also, I’ll add spices to the actual dough. We’ll see how that all turns out. Either way, I was really happy with this recipe just as it stands and we’ll be using it for our future pizza nights! It was really easy!

2 thoughts on “A Rude Awakening for a Friday Morning

  1. Question: You said you want to try to make this crust “healthy” by swapping out the olive oil for coconut or grape seed oil. What is wrong with olive oil??

    1. GRRRR – I had this response all typed up for you and my son pushed some button and it’s all gone!!!!!! ARGH!!! Ok, so on Monday night at MOPs, we had guest speakers on the Daniel Plan. They said that olive oil is ok – as long as it’s room temperature. As in, for salad dressings and the like. If you are using any heat, using coconut or grape seed oil is the better alternative. The makeup of the olive oil changes when heat is applied. I think they said something like “certain death” (honestly, he used that word A LOT in the video they showed…basically any food in my home is “certain death” according to the video they showed). Do I live by the Daniel Plan? No. Because I like chocolate and white rice…and ice cream and cheese..and I’m also not sure I can afford to be on the Daniel Plan, lol! It looked a little expensive. However, I do see the benefits to eating a little more healthy, so I like to make reasonable changes where I can. 🙂

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