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Since when did life get so busy? Huh….I went from seeming to have some free time, just a few weeks ago, to feeling like every minute is taken up with something or other. Ok, not every minute, I know that. I’m exaggerating (you should have caught on by now that I’m prone to that). My husband and I are praying about several large decisions. Our son is now 2 and has decided that he will choose when to listen to our instruction and when to continue doing what he wants to do. I’m scouring the Internet daily for research. From legit ways to make money at home (no, nothing yet), to ways to easily cut down on the family budget. Add in phone calls to a local dealership (I drive a leased car that I’ve put approximately 3k miles in one year – so it basically sits in a parking spot..a huge waste of money) to determine if we can somehow get rid of the expensive car for something much more budget friendly, and calls to our family doc’s billing office (it’s been over 6 months of phone calls and they STILL haven’t corrected a billing error – they keep submitting claims to an incorrect insurance company…sigh). Then there are emails back and forth with several different people regarding some important decisions? Oh yeah, and the fact that I go to bed between 10pm and 10:30pm and wake up at 4:45am? Yes, this wife/mom is tired. I’m contemplating waking up later so that I am able to get a little more sleep daily. The main hitch to that is;

  1. I am a creature of habit and routine – getting up later means I have to adjust and start a new routine..believe it or not, this causes some anxiety on my part. What if I don’t have enough time in the day to get things done??
  2. The reason I get up so early is just that – to get everything done. From doing bills, to working on the blog, to working out and showering. I am completely ready for the day by the time I get my son out of bed. He rarely sleeps past 7am, so I like to make sure I have everything done by then. Currently he is awake and talking to himself in his room so I know that I need to not take too long writing this morning.

So I have some things to think and pray about today. I need to do a dry run one day (maybe tomorrow) and see if I’m able to get things done during the day, if I sleep in a little longer every day. I know other moms do it all the time so I should be able to do it as well. Maybe I’ll add another phone call to my list and call my sister. I don’t think she gets up super early and she has TWO boys and another baby on the way. I’ll see how she arranges her day in order to get everything done. Anyone have suggestions? Suggestions on anything I just wrote about? Or money you want to throw at me? 🙂

Happy Thursday, everyone!

2 thoughts on “Work, work and more work

  1. I’m in the reverse…I am working to get up earlier on a regular basis so I can get things done before the kids get up. From my experience…much easier to get things done without kids underfoot. The other option is to just let some stuff go and not worry that your house isn’t as neat, clean, organized, etc…. It all depends on your current season of life. What needs done? What are your top priorities and what can be let go?

    1. That’s the thing – I feel I’ve streamlined everything. I do what I can when Z is awake (dusting, vacuuming, laundry). The rest (working out, showering, computer stuff) all needs to be done while he is in bed. Otherwise, he’ll be underfoot and I won’t get done what I want to get done. At least, not in a timely manner. So, the more I think about it, the more I realize, I should probably continue to wake up at 4:45am. I’ve been doing that for years now, why change? Eventually, this season will change to a different one and I can adjust my lifestyle accordingly. MAYBE my metabolism will speed up and working out won’t be necessary. MAYBE we’ll become so rich, I won’t even have to do the bills – we’ll hire an accountant! And a housecleaner..if we’re that rich and my metabolism isn’t cooperating, I’ll just get liposuction. Yeah, that’s a plan.

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