A Houseful = My Heart is full


What a weekend!!! 🙂 Where to start? Hmm…ok, so my family came up late Friday night. We had a lot of running around to do (last-minute purchases for the party and our groceries for the week), so we did that Friday before the craziness of Saturday would happen. We put Z to bed and then waited (impatiently, on my part) for my family to get to our house. My husband’s family was also on their way up Friday, but were headed to my brother-in-law’s house to stay there for the weekend. Unfortunately, we just don’t have a big enough house to host everyone. 🙁 BUT we are blessed with enough room to host folks when there isn’t too many at once. 🙂 Thank the Lord for a basement! What would we do without one??

My family arrived just before 10pm. We hugged and got them in the door and their luggage downstairs and then we all sat and chatted until I just couldn’t stay awake anymore (ok, it was only 11pm, but that’s an hour past my bedtime!).

Saturday morning I woke up around 6am, but was able to doze until about 6:45 am. I got up and grabbed my stuff to shower and left the bedroom. Turns out my mom was already up – she thought she had heard me up and about so she had come up a few minutes prior. So I quickly showered and then she showered. By then, Z was awake. I was getting him dressed when my mom peeked around the corner at him. He was so excited to see her, but had to ask where Papa was. I mean, even Z knows, Grandma doesn’t come alone – that means Papa is here! So Grandma finished getting ready and I fed Z breakfast (which he didn’t eat much because he was too distracted about Grandma and Papa being here) and then Grandma suggested they go downstairs to get Papa. Z was all too happy to wake Papa up! 🙂

While Papa entertained Z, my mom helped me start decorating for the party. What would I do without my mom? Seriously…not to mention, my dad? He entertained Z while we bustled about organizing and decorating. My husband ran to get the cake (coming back with a pumpkin roll and 2 huge buckeyes for later, as well, lol) and balloons. Then the food prep began for him. The menu was hamburgers, hot dogs and wedding soup (Z’s favorite soup, ever!). Z also helped his mommy decorate.

wpid-2015-10-05-05.42.45.jpg.jpeg wpid-20151003_091847.jpg

When we asked where he wanted the rest of the balloons? Yup, he took the balloons into his bedroom and decided his room should be decorated for his party. I can’t really blame him. That’s pretty smart logic. It was his party, right? It’s his room. Makes perfect sense that the balloons should be in HIS room.


I am so thankful for my mom’s help Saturday morning (and my dad, entertaining Z). Because my mom is like myself..well, because I’m like my mom, we were set up quickly and we weren’t running around frantically right before the party started or during the arrival of the rest of our Ohio/Michigan family. We’re huge believers in don’t take breaks until the job is done. You just get to it and do it until it’s done. More hands make less work.

I should point out that the weather called for rain, but we were blessed and the rain held off until after the party – whew! Thank you, Jesus! Our house was PACKED. It’s not hard to pack our house, that’s for sure. It is tiny. But it was still packed. There were children in Z’s bedroom, outside (we had a bouncy house set up for a short portion of time), and down in the basement playing.


The adults were scattered between the kitchen, living room, supervising the bouncy house children, out back by the grill, and occasionally an adult would have to head downstairs for a few seconds to monitor the play. Why? Well, because when there are 10 boys (one a newborn, so he doesn’t count) and only 1 girl? You have to monitor. The boys are rough and tumble. The girl held her own, I will give her that. She only had one crying session and it was definitely warranted – she was clocked in the face with a toy truck by a boy. It was on purpose, so we showed her how to fight back. Just kidding! We had the little boy apologize and he was banned from the basement for a few for his behavior.

Over all? It was loud, full and some might have thought chaotic. I didn’t have time to really sit. I ate standing up. I barely spoke a full conversation with anyone during the party. BUT, I so enjoyed every second of it. I was loving it. I don’t know the last time we had that many people here. We had about half that here (but only 3 children) last year, after Z’s first birthday party, and I so enjoyed it as well. I love hosting and love having family here. Z had a blast as well. The party ended around 1:30 pm, and everyone slowly filtered out. He went down for a nap close to 2 pm and was out cold fairly quickly. He was definitely wore out!

Saturday evening we just hung out at home with my family and Z played with his presents and Grandma and Papa. He even got some “work” done, side-by-side with Grandma.


Sunday morning, he woke up and wanted to see Grandma and Papa, first thing. We enjoyed a leisurely morning here at the house and then went to lunch with both sets of grandparents. They both left after lunch. The house was so quiet…especially since Z was down for a nap as well. He took a long nap too! He was so wore out from his long, exciting weekend spent celebrating his weekend and being with his extended family.

It was such a great weekend for me. I love being with our extended family and it’s weekends spent with them that remind me how much I really do wish we lived closer to everyone. I would love to be able to just see them whenever I wanted. Not when it has taken planning and packing and budgeting. But the Lord has us in Michigan now, and we will bloom where He has us! 🙂

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