When I’m anxious – I stay busy


I opened my big mouth and told my son that grandma and papa were coming tonight. Clearly, I wasn’t thinking. At all. Why? Well, because they won’t be here until after he’s in bed. Not my parents, anyway. Why did I even say anything? Because he went to their picture on the refrigerator (they sent him one in the mail for his birthday) this morning and exclaimed, “Grandma and Papa!”, and without thinking, I responded with, “Grandma and Papa are coming to see you tonight.” Immediately, I regretted saying anything. He ran for the window and looked outside, excitedly questioning, “Grandma? Papa?” He was probably in that window for a good 5 minutes. So, since I was trying to stay busy anyway (I have to pass the time somehow today), I asked if he wanted to help mommy make cookies. That worked! πŸ™‚


I decided on a Coconut Cookie recipe (see recipe here)Β that I’ve never tried, but sounded easy and yummy. Z was bummed that I didn’t have any chocolate out for the recipe (it doesn’t call for any), so he grabbed the bag himself and asked mommy, very politely, for some. I placed a few chocolate chips in a bowl for him (contemplating if it’s a bad thing that my son already knows what the Sam’s Club bulk bag of chocolate chips looks like), and continued on with the cookie making. Now, I followed the recipe to the T. I’ll post the actual recipe in the next post. The part that states we should “make into roll and chill”? Yeah, my dough was not that thick. But I didn’t know if maybe it shouldn’t be. Maybe you just mold it as best you can? I mean, so far, this book has not led me astray in any other recipe. Normally, I just add more flour if a dough doesn’t look thick enough (as my mommy taught me), but I didn’t want to mess with this just yet. So I made it into two rolls the best I could and popped it into the fridge to chill.


Not that appetizing, but hey – never judge a cookie until it’s baked! πŸ™‚ So I chilled them for an hour and then baked the cookies. I will say, they smelled yummy. They reminded me of Christmas, however. Maybe the coconut smell? Or maybe because they seem to basically be a butter cookie base with some coconut thrown in? Either way, I made the cookies and then tasted them. I will say I was, well, um…not over-the-moon impressed. I mean, they taste perfectly chewy and not too sweet. There’s not a super strong coconut flavor. But they aren’t a cookie I will be jumping to make any time soon. They just aren’t a favorite of mine. But maybe someone else will really enjoy them? Either way, I was able to bond a little with my son in the kitchen and kill some time, trying another recipe in the Amish Cooking cookbook. The final result does look good and honestly, they are cookies and they’re in my house – we all know I’ll eat them. And I have company this weekend, so I’m sure the cookies will not go to waste. πŸ˜‰


The rest of my morning was spent with “busy work”. Straightening up here, organizing there. Looking around for anything I missed that I have been wanting to do for a while but was either not motivated to do or haven’t had the time. I did laundry again today because I am sure I won’t have time (or won’t want to spend the time) to do it tomorrow. Now it’s nap time and I’m getting work done on the computer. My husband will be home shortly after nap time and then we’ll have errands to run. It’ll be a busy evening which will help the time pass as well. Yea! πŸ™‚

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