Big Weekend!


Remember that wonderfully decorated cake I made for my son’s 2nd birthday almost 2 weeks ago? Well, tomorrow we’re having family over to celebrate his birthday. We’re not having a huge party like we did for his 1st birthday, we scaled it down QUITE a bit this year. Instead of going somewhere for the party (last year we went to a local orchard and cider mill) we’re just hosting it here, at our home. And instead of inviting every person we know and love, we kept the invite list super short. There are some similarities to last year, however. For one, I will not be making the cake. 🙂 Nope, I have chosen to go with the same bakery we used last year. Our theme last year was John Deere – my husband has bought just about every John Deere tractor and truck available for our son since he was about 6 months old…no seriously, Z’s bedroom is covered in John Deere toys. If he keeps these until he’s old and grey? I’m sure they could be worth something..hopefully, because we’re betting our retirement on it. 😉 Anyway, the local bakery did this cake for us:


And our “smash” cupcake:


The cake was delicious and they really did an amazing job decorating it according to the picture I sent them. Oh..then there’s this picture I came across from our party and I had to throw it in…


Yes, we were all in John Deere gear for the party. 🙂 The sad part? You see the hat my son is wearing? We got him that hat about 1 month or so before the party. He LOVES that hat…unfortunately, it went missing about 1.5 months ago. We have searched every square inch of this house and our vehicles. We just can’t find it!!! He asks for it all the time. We have no idea where it went though. So frustrating! 🙁 And yes, we went online and into local (and tried a few places when we were back in Ohio) John Deere dealers, but they don’t have that hat. Most don’t even carry the toddler hats anymore. Boo.

Anyway, where was I? I also come on here with one train of thought and end up talking about 30 other things…um..oh, right – so family will be in town this weekend to celebrate Z’s 2nd birthday. Our theme this year is Paw Patrol. Z is in love with that show – a cute little show about 6 dogs who run around Adventure Bay rescuing its inhabitants, along with their owner, Ryder. I didn’t want to even attempt to decorate a cake, so I went right back to the local bakery and asked them to make the cake for me. It’s supposed to look similar to this:


(Picture taken weeks ago off of Pinterest, so I have no idea who to give credit to 🙁 )

I have no doubt they’ll do a great job. My only complaint is that they quoted me a higher price than what I remember the cake from last year costing. Maybe it’s because the shape of the cake? That could be, although instead of having it double layer like the picture, I asked for a single layer cake….I could’ve gone to the local grocery store and ordered a generic cake with a plain picture of Paw Patrol on it, but my husband wanted to support the local small business instead. So we went with that.

So the cake is taken care of. I’ll pick that up tomorrow morning. I’ll drop balloons off at our local grocery store tonight and they’ll have them blown up in time for me to pick them up tomorrow morning (the grocery store and bakery are in the same plaza, very convenient!).

Yesterday I got a lot of the cleaning done. After my son’s nap, we had his 2 year well-child visit. He’s growing as he should. After that appointment, we took my car to the dealership for routine maintenance and to be checked as a warning light came on when I started it yesterday. We dropped the car off and I hopped in the truck with my husband. We ran to Sam’s to get the food for tomorrow. We got home late, had a quick dinner, snuggled up for a while and then off to bed with our son while my husband and I relaxed and watched some TV.

This morning I am without a vehicle which stinks, because I have errands I could be running. I need to go and get some final supplies from Trader Joe’s but I’ll have to wait until tonight.

My parents come in tonight and will have our oldest niece with them. So excited! Z will probably be in bed when they get here, but he’ll be so excited and surprised when he wakes up tomorrow and they’re here. My husband’s parents are also coming up today, but will be staying at my brother-in-law’s. Tomorrow is the party (I’ll take pics) and we’ll be relaxing and enjoying the family time!

I love when family is in town. Absolutely love it! The house will be full and chaotic, I’m sure. I will be soaking up every minute of it. 🙂

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