I do believe we’ve hit the two-year molars…..


Ok, I’m beginning to think that God is just handing me all these things in my daily life – all to amuse you folks. First – we noticed Monday night that it would appear our son needs to be moved up a shoe size, AGAIN. We JUST did this! But his shoes seem to be too small. Now, if you are learning anything about me yet, I won’t be buying him “new” shoes. They’ll be “new to us”. 🙂 But it’s still something I wasn’t ready for this week. However, I will not have him walking/running around in shoes that hurt. So my husband and I agreed that we would look for shoes at our local Once Upon a Child. Now, let’s get on with Tuesday…

Z didn’t really start stirring until about 8:10 am. YEA!!! When I went in to get him, however, I noticed he had a runny nose and watery eyes. NO!!!!! There was also quite a bit of drool. My first assumption was a cold. But it was clear, within an hour, that it wasn’t a cold. He wasn’t coughing or feverish. He just had a clear, runny nose and the watery eyes went away as soon as I got him up and dressed. The drooling did not stop though. It was awful! That, and he had his fingers and everything else in his mouth at all times. By about noon, I determined he had to be teething. I totally forgot about his two-year molars. UGH!!!!

Now, I am timid to share the next part, because of how harsh we moms are with each other. But this is my story. My life. And I said I would be honest, right? Ok – so Z is naturally a very easy-going child. He definitely has his moments, daily, when he’s not obedient and can be rough and tumble. However, overall, he’s a very well-mannered child. I noticed yesterday, when I Googled (yes, I still Google things about my child even though I know I shouldn’t, since just about every time I do, it’s pretty evident I have a dying child, according to the Internet) about a teething toddler, they should be irritable, non-sleeping and cranky. This is on top of the symptoms he was displaying – runny nose, constant drool, decrease in appetite and putting fingers and toys in mouth to chew. But he really wasn’t cranky or irritable at all yesterday! He still played just like he normally would! Now, his nap was only about 45 minutes, but he stayed in his crib, rolling around and laying there with his blankets for over 2 hours. When I did go in to get him, he smiled and said “good morning, mommy! I awake! I nap!”. Maybe today will be different? I don’t know. Maybe he’ll be worse. I could have just jinxed myself. However, he is still sleeping and slept throughout the night without a peep.

What have I done for his teething? Well, yesterday I did give him some medicine at nap time (clearly didn’t help) and then again right at bedtime (may have helped? But since it didn’t help at nap time, I’m not sure why it would’ve helped at bedtime – more than likely he could have just been exhausted from the day). I also gave him ice and some teething toys that I still had in the freezer. My husband also took him for a walk and then they played t-ball outside in the evening (mommy had a phone call to make). It was also a bath night, so maybe the mixture of all that helped him sleep all night.

Oh, and I should mention I tried to feel Z’s gums to see if I felt any molars coming through (thank you, Internet, for that suggestion..although the article did caution that the child could potentially bite)…I THOUGHT I felt something on the first side I went to – the bottom right – but then he promptly clamped down on my finger and I wanted to start crying. Who does that? What child literally bites the hand that feeds them?????? Mine. And he held on long enough for me to almost start yelling out another string of possible words I could stand and ponder at the kitchen window, but then he let go, looked at me innocently, and said “Sorry, mommy”. Sigh…

Today I need to attack my basement. There are so many toys down there. I have a makeshift playroom set up down there for rainy days so that I have a place to take Z when he seems to be bored up on the main floor. Well, my parents are coming into town this weekend and are also bringing my niece and nephew with them. Because of this – I desperately need to go down there and put some toys in storage so there’s plenty of room (we have guests stay in the basement – it’s not as bad as it sounds. There’s a bed, two couches and a full bathroom down there). I’ve been wanting to do this, but keep putting it off. I don’t know what I’m going to do with the toys. I’ve been scouring the Internet for ideas (aka CHEAP and FREE – using stuff you already have around the house) of how to organize toys…garbage bags don’t seem to be anywhere on the list….ha! I’ll figure it out. MAYBE I’ll take before and after pics. 😉

Oh, and we went to look for shoes last night? Turns out that the bigger the shoe size for toddler boys? The more limited the selection, when you’re buying used shoes. Boys – they are not easy on shoes! There were a few there we could have bought, but they were $10, and honestly? I’m not spending $10 on used shoes for a boy who will (if his track record proves anything) outgrow them in oh, 2 weeks? 🙂 We have another consignment shop close by that we’ll be going to look at and see if we can find shoes there, tonight. Prayerfully we find some! I don’t want to buy new shoes. 🙁

Oh, and how did I start my Wednesday? By waking up, thinking “It’s Friday!!! No, wait, it’s Thursday…nope, it’s only Wednesday…SIGH….”

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