Monday – Ups and Downs


Let me start by saying this – I am not naïve. I KNOW I am blessed and that I have an amazing life. I have a roof over my head, clothes to wear and food to eat. I have two different vehicles to drive. I have TV, phone, Internet, plenty of toys for my son, books, kitchen supplies, etc. I am blessed beyond measure. I have more than many.

That being said, yesterday was Monday.

I was punched in the face. By my son. With a toy horse. And it hurt. To the point where I immediately covered my nose with my left hand, groaned “Mother of God, that hurts” and pulled my hand away to reveal fresh blood, and quite a bit of it. Now, my son didn’t mean it. We were playing with his animals and he had his horse “rear” up and it happened to do so right into my nose. I ran for the box of tissues, headed to the bathroom, changed my mind and went for the kitchen instead. Why? I don’t know..maybe I thought looking out the kitchen window while stopping the monstrous blood flow would be more soothing than sitting on the toilet staring at the shower curtain? Maybe I thought the kitchen garbage can would be a better option than the bathroom garbage can, as it’s larger and able to hold more bloody tissues? Either way, I went for the kitchen. My nose bled for quite some time. While I was trying to stop the flow (I’m kind of an expert at this, because I used to get frequent nose bleeds – I’ve been blessed to not get them as frequently as of late), I contemplated some deep thoughts. Like was my saying “Mother of God” cursing? I mean, my son was right there…I certainly didn’t mean it as a curse, but then again, would anything I said in that moment have been a curse? Like, if I had said “The grass is green!”, would that have been a curse? The Bible only states not to take the Lord’s name in vain (Exodus 20:7 – “You shall not misuse the name of the LORD your God, for the LORD will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name.”). I didn’t take His name in vain per se, but I did reference Him, so then I began to feel super guilty about what I said.

You see, I have a very soft and guilty conscience. Ask my parents. They have even said that, back when I was very young, I would cry about whatever wrong I had done before they even punished me! So I repented right there and then. I don’t like cursing. I am not saying I don’t do it. I do. But I don’t like it. Now, I’m not writing this to make anyone else thing that they have to agree with me in thinking that phrase is wrong. I’m writing it because I find it humorous that, while my nose is bleeding quite profusely and my husband is all worried my nose could be broken, I’m staring out the kitchen window – worried that I may need to stop and examine my heart. So, what did I decide? I decided I won’t say that phrase again, to the best of my ability. If I said “Mother of Mary”, would that be any different? It’s not referencing the Trinity in any way….there are some who will argue that if you’re going to curse, you might as well curse. But then there are those who say it’s WHAT you say. For me and my life, now, I have to agree that I feel in my heart that as long as I’m not referencing the Trinity, it’s not a curse word. Well, wait. Because I still don’t like the mainstream curse words. At all. I don’t like them. I think they are overused and some use them to be “cool”, while others use them simply because they lack vocabulary skills. Eh, I prefer clean language skills. I enjoy banter and conversing with folks, knowing I don’t have to watch my child’s ears. I also, personally, don’t enjoy hearing someone else curse when it’s just adults around. Why? Because it’s just a personal thing. It bothers me. I want to roll my eyes sometimes. I know I sound ridiculous, but I feel like saying “You couldn’t find any other word to use there? Nothing? Not a single word? Hmm, maybe you should take an English class. I could think of a few words and they were all g-rated!”

Oh, goodness – there I go again – off on a tangent and I wasn’t even writing this post to talk about cursing! HA!!! Ok, the rest of my Monday. So the being-punched-in-the-nose happened at lunch. My husband went back to work and I went on with my day. We all heard about the survey thing (read about that here), then my husband came home from work. We took a small walk around the neighborhood, then home for dinner. While I was making the sides (I had teriyaki chicken in the crock pot, so I made rice and steamed broccoli to round it out), my son asked for chips. Since dinner was a good 45 minutes out, I caved.


Here’s something else to know about me – I have a thing about people chewing/crunching loudly. apparently it’s a real thing called Misophonia. I have it. Well, those chips I gave Z were LOUD. He doesn’t quite understand eating chips with his mouth shut. Either way, I had to leave the living room and not be near him while he ate. It was nerve-wracking. He crunched every last crunch out of those chips. EVERY LAST CRUNCH. I can’t handle it. Even my husband was advising him to try eating with his mouth closed before mommy flew out the door, lol!

Thankfully, dinnertime came and we sat down to eat. My husband posed the question, when dinner was about over, if we’d like to go get ice cream. Of course, Z and I didn’t turn down the offer. We have a wonderful local corner ice cream place that we enjoy. It’s only open during the summer and this is the last week they are open. So we headed on down and opened the tailgate to enjoy some ice cream.


This was the first time we allowed Z to have his own. He thought it was the greatest thing. 🙂 It’s not hard to please this boy. I pray his heart is always so easy to please.

I treasure these moments. I really do have such a blessed life. We don’t have the biggest house (it may be one of the smallest, lol), the biggest cars, the richest clothes or the biggest income. But we have the Lord and we have each other. I have an amazing husband who loves to love on his wife and son. I have a son who enjoys being with his daddy and mommy, taking pleasure from the smallest things we’re able to give him. Our life isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty close. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Monday – Ups and Downs

  1. Sorry, Mandy…I had a little laugh at your expense. I know what it feels like when your kids make you see stars. Ouch! But your description of it yesterday and your thoughts after the fact were so right on. Always makes me feel better knowing I am not the only one that stuff happens to.

    By the way, love the picture of your man and Z…so cute!

    1. I love the pic of my husband and Z as well!! 🙂 And yup – nothing like being punched in the nose with a toy, by your child, on accident. My nose is still a little sore today!

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