Trying to Make Money Taking Surveys…..


So I scoured the Internet and found several “fool-proof” ways to make money. One was to take surveys. I even signed up on a “researched and proven” survey site. One that was proven to pay out THOUSANDS of dollars to their participants. Now, I don’t doubt that for a minute. However, I have spent a total of about 3 hours on this site today (this morning before my son woke up and now some more time since he’s been napping)…how much have I made? Well, I made (if I remember correctly) $1.00 just for signing up. Then I got started with the surveys. First off, I remember that I tried doing this “survey thing” years ago. I remembered, shortly into a few surveys…ok, ok, about 2 minutes into the first survey, why I didn’t keep up with it. They are monotonous. And time-consuming. Many times, you will spend 5-10 minutes on a survey, only for them to close it out, stating you aren’t the “demographic” they are looking for. Hence, you wasted all this time for nothing. Because you don’t get credit for a survey you didn’t complete. Unless I am somehow missing something? The rest of the time, I’m seeing this on my screen:


Waiting and waiting for the next page on the survey to load. I stuck it out though. Only because I wanted a good story for you all. How much did I make? Well, I don’t know. I currently “made” $0.60. As in, that’s how much was “approved” so far by some unseen survey approving committee. Apparently there are people (or more than likely, some computer) out there that are reviewing what I’ve done and deciding if the time I spent on any particular survey was worthy of the LITERAL cents they are offering.

Let’s not forget the $5.01 that I have pending. I have to hope that THEY approve that amount and then, for my 3 hours of work today, I’ll have accumulated a whopping $6.61. That’s roughly $2.20 an hour for anyone keeping track. So I suppose if I did this, nonstop, for 8 hours, I could make about $17.60 a day or $88 a week. I guess that isn’t bad. Except I can’t devote 8 hours a day to this. I have a 2-year-old, remember? On top of which, I have another 2-year-old I babysit. Oh, and I have a home I manage. A husband whom I love and want to spend time with, when he comes home from work..Oh, and a LIFE. That’s right, I have a life. If I find a way for the surveys to pay more, then maybe I’ll be interested. But for now? I can’t endorse it. It’s just not worth it. I spent my son’s entire nap (who is now awake and sweetly waiting for his mom to come and get him from his crib) doing silly surveys.

Anyone else have a better proven method for making money, online, while at home, during your child’s nap time? A G-rated method? 😉

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