My weekend – where did it go?


See the picture? Do you happen to see a pair of sock-covered toes peeping underneath the closet door? Yup – that is Z. He loves to hide in closets and scare his mother. As in, I’m trying to find him, assuming the worst (someone somehow broke into our home in broad daylight, while I was there and kidnapped him, or Z somehow figured out how to unlock the all the locks on both doors and is now somewhere outside…) and he’s just QUIETLY, oh-so-quietly hiding in a closet. He thinks this is absolutely hilarious. To be fair to Z – when he was just walking, we would play hide-and-seek with him and we’d hide in his closet. Mainly because his closet doors are always open (we have a bookshelf with books and toys in there so I open the doors first thing when he wakes up). So maybe that’s why he does this? Anyway, that was the beginning of my weekend on Friday. He popped out, yelled “Peek a goo!”, smiled his gorgeous smile and giggled his infectious giggle. This mommy just shook her head and reminded herself he was “missing” for all of maybe 30 seconds in a very tiny 800 sq ft condo, that was locked up tight. Clearly, the child was not kidnapped or running aimlessly through the neighborhood.

We went to a friend’s house Friday night for dinner and fellowship. Now, there were 8 adults and 6 children there. 3 children between 2-3 years old, a one year old and two newborns. I loved it. It was chaotic and noisy and for me? Reminiscent of my childhood. There were children running around – they were supposed to be sitting in the kitchen, eating at their table, but, as children tend to do? They would take a few bites, then run to the dining room or to the toys and see how long they could get away with it before an adult shooed them back to the kitchen to finish their meal. The children were clearly enjoying themselves and I loved seeing that. The laughter and playtime honestly warmed my heart, as silly as that sounds. I’ve desperately missed that – seeing my son play with other children with abandon while I chat with adults. I remember doing that, as a child and teenager and I would love for Z to have that as well. I know that Z’s childhood is different from mine (he doesn’t have 46 aunts and uncles and countless cousins like I do) and though we don’t live near all of the extended family, I do want him to build strong friendships with the children his age around here. We are blessed to have some children in the neighborhood that, although older than Z by 5-10 years, they welcome him with open arms when they’re all outside. Z loves them and they love on him and allow him to join in on any games they are playing.

So Friday night was really enjoyable for me, simply because I was able to watch Z have so much fun playing with children his age. We didn’t get home until after his bedtime so it was a late night for him, but he handled it like a champ. A few extra whines at bedtime, but that was completely expected.

Saturday was amazing – why? Well, because I was able to sleep in until 8:10 am!!!! WHAT?? I was so excited. I only woke up because Z started making noise. So he was a sweetheart and slept in for mommy and daddy. πŸ™‚ We had a lazy morning getting up and moving and then we headed out to do some errands. We came home for lunch and Z took a nap. Once he woke up, we got the bikes out and headed out for a “nice” bike ride. Friends of ours were running a local 5K so we biked to where that was being held. It was about 4.5 miles away. The wind was against us the entire way there, but I reminded myself that the ride home would be easier because the wind would be at our backs. While there, we walked around a Rib Fest, which included local vendors and even this monster truck (can it really be called that when it’s a converted El Camino?)


As you can see – Z wanted nothing to do with it, up close. He loved watching it drive around, and SAID he wanted to go up close and look at it, but the second I got close to have our picture taken next to it, he started freaking out and wanted nothing to do with it. Ha!

The ride home was, well, a little more action-packed. My husband’s bike chain came off (which I didn’t know at this time – I thought he had just thrown his bike down because he was tired) and it happened just as I crossed a busy road. So he was stuck on one side while I was on the other with our son. Z was yelling “come on, daddy!” Then, when my husband was able to cross and had the signal to do so, cars were going and ignoring that he had the right-of-way. So my husband was slightly sarcastic (if you know him, you get that this is not abnormal) and waved at a few as they went by, saying “no, you go ahead, go ahead.” Meanwhile, Z was on the other side with me and started repeating after daddy “Go ahead, you go ahead” and waving just like daddy. Sigh…we got past that and started an uphill climb toward home. About half-way home, my son dropped his baggy of snacks (not for the first time, but the first two times, I stopped, backed up and grabbed them). Since my husband was behind us this time, I just slowed down and stopped, allowing him to get the snacks. He stopped, and appeared to just throw his bike down. I should say that he was not having a good bike ride. He was upset and frustrated at this point. Maybe I was enjoying my ride more because I had Z behind me talking and having a good time and that helped me enjoy the ride? I don’t know, but I saw that my husband was frustrated and upset and appeared to be giving up. He picked up the snacks and started WALKING his bike.

PAUSE – back when my husband was a runner and I was just beginning to run, my husband was a huge motivator. If I wanted to stop running and walk or quit altogether, he would “motivate” (aka sometimes not-so-nicely) me to keep going. Remind me that we don’t quit and that my body can handle this. I remembered all this as he was walking his bike towards me. Maybe that part of me, even though it was years old, was wanting to get back at him? Or maybe, just maybe, I saw this as my opportunity to come along-side my spouse and encourage him. To support him…

So I looked at him and said something like this “Get back on that bike. Don’t walk”. He just looked at me and I said “We don’t quit in this family. Get on that bike and let’s keep going”. He was angry at me for pulling that line, I could tell. But I kept pushing, gently, “this is the second time I see you throw your bike down and I’m not sure what’s going on. This isn’t you – you don’t quit. So get back on that bike and let’s go.” He looked at me and said “I didn’t throw my bike down at any point!” I brought up the light and he said his chain came off. So I apologized and said I didn’t realize that (I honestly didn’t even see him put the chain back on – he clearly didn’t put it back on the old-school way we always did. You know, you put your bike upside down, and then work on it?). But I told him he wanted to walk his bike and that’s quitting. We don’t do that. We were almost home. So he got quiet, agreed and hopped back on his bike. Whether he did this to stop his nagging wife or because he actually agreed with me? I don’t know. But I took it as a personal victory – I had encouraged my husband! I had helped him keep going! YEA! I don’t really want to ask him either, because I want to keep believing I encouraged and not that I nagged him..ha!

We got home, had a picnic dinner in the living room (Z absolutely loves when we do this) and then played until bedtime. We went to bed exhausted!

Sunday morning was church. Have I mentioned how much I love church? Because I do. I look forward to it and walk away thoroughly encouraged and rejuvenated. Helps prepare me for the week and reflect on my heart. Ahh….

Sunday afternoon was fun, for me. πŸ™‚ We babysat for some friends and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Z was excited to see Baby dropped off and continued to be ok. Until our friends left without taking Baby with them. He started whining and then ran, crying, to the front window. Crying at them that they forgot Baby. LOL!! But he calmed down and all three of us settled into the couch and snuggled. Both of them went to sleep around 1:30 and Z was up around 4, but Baby didn’t wake up until about 4:45! After Baby left, we took a nice walk around our complex and Z found this friendly squirrel.


He tried so hard to get close, but Z doesn’t know how to CALMLY approach a squirrel, just yet. He approaches a full speed. So the squirrel looked like he wanted what Z had, but didn’t want it the way Z was offering. πŸ™‚

All in all, it was a great weekend. It ended way too soon, but today means we are one day closer to this coming weekend – both of our parents will be in town and so I am very excited about that. I love any time that our family is in town!!!

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