Friday – the day of many things


Where do I start when describing my Friday so far? It’s included my normal chores (cleaning, which was almost a moot point..), lots of dirt, bread making, working on numbers, a 30+ minute phone call with a close friend, a nice phone call with my mommy, finishing a book (not really a fan…but I toughed it out and read it anyway), getting some Vitamin D and now sitting down to write a little. And it’s only 2:30pm.

Ok, so let’s start from the beginning – I woke up, did my normal morning routine, which included mopping the floors, working out, showering, emails (which included downloading the last of the pics from our family photo session – read about that here and here), coffee, selected a few of my favorite pics and uploaded to my personal FB account for family and friends to view, and then some snuggles with Z. Made some breakfast and then we had some playtime. While all of that is going on, I uploaded all the family pics to Shutterfly (as a backup and for a photo book, as soon as they offer me a free one ;)), which took about 2 hours…yeah…

I also decided to make some homemade bread this morning. My bosom friend sent me a whole-wheat bread recipe she’s been using for quite a while (she got the recipe from her mother-in-law who’s been using it for years) and I decided I would try to make it this morning. First thing I noticed was that I have several different types of yeast in my cupboard and the recipe doesn’t specify which type to use (dry active, fast rising?) so I used that opportunity to call up said bosom friend. Thus ensued a 30+ minute phone call – yea! Our children took turns getting into things they shouldn’t and were, well, children. We handled the situations as they came, but never let that hamper or cut short our conversation. I mean, it was still way too short, but I am still so very grateful that I chose to call instead of text her for the question.

We ended the conversation and I began to make the bread. All the smells reminded me of my childhood – I vividly remember my mom making bread – placing the dough in this large stainless steel bowl (and it was LARGE, from what I remember, but I’m sure it just seemed that large because I was so young) next to our indoor wood stove to allow the dough to rise. She’d place a damp cloth over the bowl. I remember how much I loved watching her work the dough. Why? I don’t know. Maybe because it’s something that looked like fun to a child – playing with dough? All I know is that I really enjoyed making the bread today – all the different phases of it. If for nothing else, then for the memories it brought back.

I finished the first part of the recipe and allowed the dough to rise – while that was happening, I took my son (and the boy I babysit) outside for playtime. Wow…now, let me begin by saying I’ve taken them outside every single day this week. We’ve been blessed with gorgeous weather and I’m taking advantage of every single day. I know this won’t last and I want to be outside, enjoying the sunshine and warmth as much as possible. That being said – my son has a certain “draw” to dirt. He’s been playing in it all week. I’ve allowed it. What does it hurt? Well, today, he really played in the dirt. For some reason, he made sure to get as dirty as possible. As in, a bath was required before lunch could be served. It was amazing how dirty this kid got (the boy I babysit managed to just get his hands slightly dirty – a simple hand washing cleared that right up – apparently he decided Z was dirty enough for the both of them). I don’t think the picture can even show the dirt properly.


It was all over his face – in his hair and ears. His clothes were COVERED in it (hence why I said the mopping this morning was a little moot, because he tracked the dirt in when I carried him into the bathroom). When the bath was finally over? The tub was disgusting. But the main part of it all? My son had a great morning. He played his little heart out. He played in the dirt, with the rocks and he enjoyed every second. As his mommy, I enjoyed watching him play. He enjoyed the dirt and then he thoroughly enjoyed his mid-day bath. That’s a rare thing so he soaked up every second of that as well – especially since mommy filled the tub a bit more full than normal and had lots of bubbles in it (that seemed to completely disintegrate within minutes of him getting in – was he THAT dirty?).

Anyway…back to the bread for me!


I got the dough to the second to final phase – into the greased loaf pans to allow it to rise one final time before baking. Once it had doubled in size, I placed into the oven. Oh the smell!!! My house smelled so amazing! I love the smell of freshly baked bread! I pulled the bread out of the oven and was pleasantly surprised that they weren’t burnt or jiggly – I expected some sort of disaster for my first time with this recipe..well, mainly my first time making bread that wasn’t in the bread machine (only did that once so far and it turned out HARD AS A ROCK, so I’m scared to do it again) or a banana know, more of a dessert bread (would you call it that? Hmm..).


The final product looks and smells amazing. It’s a very soft bread (exactly as my friend predicted). I haven’t tasted it yet – I still have some store-bought bread to finish before I slice into this. BUT I am very excited to do so. If she uses this bread exclusively (she only buys bread if she hasn’t had time to make bread), then I’m positive it’s delicious! I’ll post the recipe on a separate post. I’m excited because this wasn’t a hard recipe at all. Very few ingredients – no preservatives and it came out great on my first try. That’s ALWAYS a positive!

Anyway, lunch was served, the boys put to bed, I finished my book and now I’m here. 🙂

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