So Happy!


Oh my word – so the photographer we chose was amazing. (You can find out more about her here!) She was upbeat and super friendly. I don’t think the smile ever left her face! My son was a little all-over-the-place. Seeing as we were outside, he was more about exploring than he was sitting and posing with mom and dad for pictures, but Miss Angie worked well with it. She didn’t act stressed, upset or even bothered in the least by it. If you live near her? Definitely check her out for pictures – she is phenomenal! (No, she isn’t paying me to endorse her at all. In fact, she doesn’t even know I’m doing it!) Another amazing part of her? She worked with us when I realized I forgot a particularly important piece of our time together – payment. So I ran to a local bank to grab that crucial part of our transaction and voilà! So not only is she super fun, upbeat and flexible with a child who wants to explore – she is easy-going and not easily upset!

To top it all off, she sent me the proofs this morning. Yes, that fast. She must be some sort of wonder woman. I was so excited to look through the pictures! My husband and I had agreed, last night, that we would look through the proofs together when I received them. That was before I knew I would get them early in the day – when it would mean I would have to wait ALL DAY to look at them with him. So when he got up, I asked him to hurry with his morning routine so we could look at them before he left for work. He said he wouldn’t have time. So I begged him to allow me to look at them without him. He was such a sweetheart that he said I could look at them without him. 🙂 I married a good man!

Bottom story? So happy we got the pictures done – extremely happy we used her and we know we’ll be using her in the future!

Now, off to decide which pictures to plaster all over my Facebook page. 🙂

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