Family Picture Day!


Confession – we have not had a family picture taken since our son was about 4 weeks old, so almost 2 whole years. Isn’t that ridiculous??? Back in the spring I finally found an amazingly reasonably priced local photographer. I liked her FB page so I would remember her, and I set up the appointment about 2 months ago. I wanted to wait until Z was a little older and would understand when we asked him to pose or whatnot. We’ll see how he does. Anyway – so today is the day and I am just so excited.

It took me all of about 20 minutes to pick out Z’s outfit. I took several shirts, pants, and shorts and placed them on our bed in varying outfits. Z hopped right up on the bed and held them up and tried to put the pants and shorts on. I decided on the short-sleeved blue shirt with yellow, brown and slight orange accents for him. He’ll wear some nice blue jeans with it. My husband walked in, saw the outfit I picked for Z, grabbed one of his blue button down shirts and threw it on the bed. Then asked if he should wear light or dark blue jeans. I said dark. He left the room. Easy peasy for those two.

THEN it was my turn. Right…I tried on many outfits. Tank tops, short-sleeve shirts, long-sleeved shirts, sweaters, 3/4 sleeved shirts. Jeans, capri pants, a skirt…a variation of all the above. Sandals? Boots? Belt with jeans? No belt? Finally, after breaking for dinner, then helping my husband give Z a haircut, I went back in the bedroom to (hopefully) find the right outfit while my husband graciously give Z a bath. I wanted something I felt comfortable in (yet I knew yoga pants and a t-shirt was out of the question, but I honest-to-goodness entertained the thought of being “real” and having us three actually have the pictures taken in our comfy clothes…then decided against it, because that would just be ridiculous, right?) yet would look presentable and amazing in pictures. Something I wouldn’t have to suck in my stomach or worry about my “schpeck” (thank you, Amish upbringing…roughly translated, it basically means your skin that shouldn’t be showing, like your stomach or back know;)) showing. Finally, I decided on a burnt orange lace trimmed camisole with an ivory long-sleeved flowy sweater. I’ll wear capri pants, but you won’t know they are capri pants because I’ll be wearing tall heeled brown boots. Oh, and I decided on a belt as well. As for jewelry, I haven’t gotten that far, but I’ll keep it super simple, because I normally do not really wear anything more than simple earrings, so why do more for the pictures? I want to stay as true to us as possible. 🙂

Anyway, so I threw all 3 outfits onto a pile for today. This morning I got up, did my morning chores and then, somewhat reluctantly, got out the ironing board. Now, honestly? I do not remember the last time I ironed. We just don’t really iron anything in this house. If it’s wrinkled? It gets tossed into the dryer for a few minutes. Voila! But for the pictures tonight, I decided ironing would be best. So I got down to business. And I did way better than I thought. Ironing isn’t as horrible as I remember it being. It’s actually soothing – other than having to keep a close eye on my son at all times because I’m terrified he’ll burn himself. BUT I ironed both my husband and my son’s shirts without incident.

I’m happy I did iron, because my husband’s shirt had a hole by the second-to-top button that desperately needed stitching. So I got out my sewing kit and fixed that right up. Asked my husband about it and turns out, it has been like that for “about a year”. What? I asked why he never said anything (never mind that I’ve never noticed in all the times he’s worn it..oops!) and he just shrugged. I told him it took me all of about 2 minutes and probably 1.5 of those minutes was getting the sewing stuff out and putting it away, lol!


So the ironing is done, the sewing is done and the outfits are prepped and ready. We’ll have an early dinner and then get ready and head out to meet the photographer at a local outdoor area for our session. I’m really excited and hope our son cooperates. Praying his nap is long and that he wakes up happy and ready to “cheese”!

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