Home-made Birthday Cake


As today is my son’s 2nd birthday, I wanted to make sure it was a special day. I feel that he’s old enough to understand the special-ness that a birthday holds. So as soon as he was in bed last night, my husband and I wrapped his presents (and stowed them in the basement for tonight), and then I was able to convince my husband to decorate the living room with crêpe paper (left over from last year’s first birthday party – frugality!). I don’t know why, but it just made me so excited to know that Z would possibly be excited to see all this new and exciting stuff up when he woke up this morning. We also thought about getting an ice cream cake from the local Dairy Queen, but when my husband realized it would cost $24 for the smallest one, he nixed that idea. He suggested purchasing just a single piece of cake from the local grocery store and I said “absolutely not”. We will not be having just ONE piece of cake for a birthday. I will make one!

Z woke up this morning and I went into his room to get him. I asked him if he knew what today was. His response? “Church!” and was immediately all excited and trying to hurry to get untangled from his favorite blankets (a light green and white crocheted blanket that my Amish grandmother made – he has slept with it from the very first night he was born – and a home-made blanket that my sister made for him, complete with his name on it). I smiled and said it was the second-best thing, “It’s your birthday!” He immediately smiled and asked for daddy. Um, ok…So I sang Happy Birthday to him while he sat and grinned at me. I asked if he was ready to get out of bed and see what we did for him in the living room. He said “yup” so I got him up and dressed. We headed out to the living room and when he saw all the crêpe paper hanging on the ceiling (and even from the ceiling fan!), he got this huge smile and looked around, exclaiming, “Birthday! Another birthday! Crazy!” with arms outstretched. How I wish someone would’ve been here to catch that all on camera. It was so sweet and wonderful! So happy we took the time to decorate last night.

After breakfast and my morning chores, I set out to find a yummy cake recipe in the Amish Cooking cookbook. I decided on a pumpkin spice recipe (see recipe here), in hopes that my husband will like it and chose to eat at least 25% of it. Otherwise, we all know I’ll eat it all, well, anything our son doesn’t eat.


As usual, Z got his chair up to the counter to help mommy. We set out and got the cake mixed and into the oven. Z was so excited for his cake – “Yummy in my tummy!” was his constant cry whenever he walked past the oven. 🙂 Pulled the cakes out and they were looking and smelling like perfection!


Now the hard part – waiting for them to cool so I could ice them. Ok, confession – I cheated and used store-bought cream cheese icing for today. Normally I would’ve made my own, but I was in a hurry. 🙁 I also didn’t have any cream cheese on hand so I went with what I had. Anyway, so once they were cooled, I started with the cream cheese icing (for the record – from the little pieces I tasted of what was in the containers? YUMMY cake – recipe will be posted after I actually taste the cake tonight) and layered the cake.


Not bad, right? Looks pretty good. So I thought I would get creative and decorate the cake with blue icing.. BIG MISTAKE. I’ll just show you portions of the decoration.



It would appear one or more of several things occurred;

  1. I was heavily intoxicated while decorating the cake
  2. I allowed a small child to decorate
  3. I had 15 cups of coffee RIGHT before decorating, hence the shakiness
  4. I use a blindfold while decorating and just hoped for the best
  5. I don’t know what I’m doing

In the end – it’s just myself, my husband and our son eating this cake tonight (and all you lovely folks looking at the ridiculousness of it). I tried my best and my son is extremely excited about the cake. He can’t wait for dinner tonight because I told him that’s when we’ll have the cake. However, I do need to work on my decorating skills. They lack tremendously. RIDICULOUSLY. Especially when my mom is amazing at cakes. You should see the cake she made at our wedding.


Yeah…sooo…I have some practicing to do, ha!

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