Update on my plunge :)


So I did it – I went to the MOPS playdate this morning! I wasn’t able to stay as long as I wanted to, but I went. I enjoyed myself too. I met a few of the women and they all seemed extremely friendly.

The dress code? Well, I felt I was definitely the most “casually” dressed, as no other mom was in yoga pants of any sort..BUT the best part is that I didn’t feel that I was out-of-place either. I felt that I represented myself well. 🙂 At least they won’t be surprised when they see me dressed like that again! AND when they see me dressed “nice”, they’ll know I CAN dress up when the need arises or when I feel that chasing a child isn’t on the agenda. Hehe…

The next official MOPS meeting is this coming Monday and is at church. I would like to go but that happens to be our son’s 2nd birthday (what? How is he 2 already…sigh…). His birthday party isn’t on Monday, but I do want to have a special little dinner between my husband, our son and myself. I should still be able to attend the MOPS meeting after dinner, but I haven’t talked to my husband yet.

Anyway – the morning went well and I look forward to being a MOPS member!

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