Taking another plunge today!



So I’ve been sad (alright, and complaining..) that I don’t have any mom friends to really hang out with, in my area. I get so jealous of my sister in Ohio because she has a mommy group she’s a part of, plus she’s able to be with our aunts and cousins frequently. Not to mention she sees our mom pretty much weekly. For that reason alone, I’m jealous – I want to see my mommy too!!! 😉

This past Sunday, as we were walking away from the children’s area at church, I saw that MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) had a table set up. This time, instead of rushing by, I stopped. I took the information she had, signed up and left feeling great about the possibility of having a mommy group of my own! They are meeting today at a local park (OK, it’s about 25 minutes away, but that’s still somewhat local, right? At what minute mark does something become not “local”?) and I am so excited to go. But then I think,” Mandy, slow down. Don’t put expectations on this fun day at the park. Don’t go there thinking you’ll make all these mom friends and everyone will be your best friend and you’ll all fall madly in mommy-love with each other”.

I mean, what if they’re snobby? What if their kids are terrible? What if MY child acts terrible today and they decide, as a group, to vote me off the playground? There are just so many things that could happen. What if, God forbid, I stand around, awkwardly, because I don’t know anyone or what anyone’s talking about (this is completely plausible if anything geography-related comes up, I am absolutely terrible with geography). Do other moms talk a lot about geography? What if they’re the type of mom’s who have their kids in 2,000 sports at once and their 1 year olds have tutors and have been signed up for college courses already? Meanwhile, I’m thrilled that Z knows his ABC’s.. Not all in order, but a good sum of them… I know I’ll be wearing yoga capri pants and a t-shirt… Will they be all dolled up? I wasn’t going to wear makeup, but maybe I should so I don’t scare them off right away…

Or it could all go smoothly. I could meet some new people, mommies, and our children will play while we chat. We’re all mommies. We know how much it took to get out the door this morning with our child(ren). The fact that we’ll all be dressed (and if any of us aren’t fully clothed, I’m positive mercy and grace will be extended, along with whatever extra kids clothing can be lent to help fill in any gaps) will be enough, I’m sure. At least for me, it is! I know that when I look at other moms, I’m not looking to see how they’re dressed, how their hair is or whether they have makeup on. I mean, I do look at that, but it’s not as a measurement of whether I want to be their friend or not. It’s more of a “how do you find time and energy to get all gussied up? And how do you chase your child in that?” It’s more a look of awe, definitely not jealousy, lol! Because listen, I’m all about comfort. The thought of chasing my son and the child I babysit while at a park? Yup, it’s tennis shoes and the easiest clothes to move in. Something where my crack will not even have an option to expose its hideous self, where my chest will stay completely sheltered no matter what contortionist method I find myself in, while trying to engage with my child on the playground, and where I don’t have to worry about extra “love handles” showing others just how much love I have to handle. I will have clean underwear on because we’ve all heard the whole “what if you’re in an accident and they have to cut your clothes off? You don’t want dirty underwear on!” Wait, let’s get this straight – I’ll have clean underwear on because my mom raised a hygiene-conscience woman. I don’t believe in EVER wearing dirty underwear. GROSS. But choosing when it’s time to toss underwear? Yes, that previous thought does cross my mind – “What if I’m in an accident and the paramedics see this on me! It’s barely qualified as underwear at this point…”Wait, why was I even on this train of thought? How did I get from MOPS to when is the right time to toss old underwear???

Anyway, so I’ll be going on my first ever MOPS play date today. My first ever MOPS group. I grew up around MOPS at the Baptist church we attended so I know it’s a wonderful organization that encourages and supports moms. I’m looking forward to meeting fellow moms. I’m trying to not place expectations on the other moms or on myself to be something and someone I’m not. Hence why I’ll be showing up in my normal, everyday clothes. Hopefully there’s at least one other mom there who gets my humor…other wise I’ll have to keep a lot of witty, clever thoughts inside my head – when you’re around children, so many humorous situations happen!Sometimes they could be outright frustrating, but I find that a sense of humor helps a great deal. A sense of humor, a great deal of patience and definitely an open line of communication with the Lord, lol!

Enjoy your Tuesday, folks! Go ahead, try something new today, along with me! I’ll be throwing myself out there and meeting new people – what will you be doing?

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  1. So excited for you, Mandy! Have fun today… I will be busy trying to finish the laundry that was supposed to be done last night. The weather is gorgeous though so a walk to the park is on the agenda too! 🙂

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