Pumpkin Bread Weather!


I decided that, as it’s a cold, dreary and rainy day, I might as well embrace this weather and bake. Ok, I know – I bake even in the summer. BUT today I chose to make a pumpkin bread (see recipe here). I’ve never made this recipe before, but it was in the infamous Amish Cooking cookbook and sounded yummy and appropriate for the weather. So I began the process of lining up my ingredients. Z wanted to help. I love that he enjoys being in the kitchen with me and I want to encourage that, so I pulled up a chair for him and went back to pulling out the rest of my ingredients. I saw he had my giant container of Trader Joe’s salt, but I had the lid turned to “closed”. Um, yeah…he’s almost 2. Did I really think he wouldn’t open it? Sigh…So I turn around and see that he’s opened it and discovered that turning it upside down will produce some fun results of a mound of white crystals on the otherwise clean countertop (he also learned salt does not taste as good as it could look). Now, I could freak out and take it away and tell him he’s done. This thought did cross my mind, I won’t lie. But I saw how much he was enjoying the process and honestly – what harm was it doing? Would I have more to clean up? Yes. BUT I thought of a solution that would appease him and lessen (hopefully) the mess. I handed him a big bowl, a measuring cup and measuring spoon and let him keep going. About 2 minutes later, I made the wise choice to take the salt container away – I think he had poured roughly 1/2 cup or more out of the container between the bowl and countertop. I brushed all the salt into the bowl (from the counter) and let him keep playing while I continued to put the bread recipe together.

The only hard part was that he wanted to put the salt from the bowl into the bread recipe when he saw me doing so with the dry ingredients. So I compromised again and had him use a measuring spoon and help me mix in my dry ingredients. After my dry ingredients were mixed in and the bread was safely in the oven, he continued to play with the salt in the kitchen sink while I cleaned up the rest of the kitchen – which included vacuuming the floors. Playtime ended when he took the water and dumped it on the floor. He was ok with this turn of events, however, because mom had to run to the store and the bank and he was more than happy to tag along for a little ride.

I haven’t tasted the bread yet (I’ll  be doing that with dinner tonight), but the house smelled amazing when I got back from running errands! My only issue was that the bread stuck to the bottom of the loaf pan;




But it still looks amazing when I flip it over 🙂


I’ll post the recipe later – as soon as I determine it tastes as yummy as it looks and doesn’t need any specific tweaking…always have to taste everything you make, right? That’s the best part of all this baking/cooking..and the worst – gotta work out more because of all the extra calories! But I do love the sweets! 🙂


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