TGIF!!! Even for a SAHM

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That’s me – in May..of this year…I am naturally a cold person. That’s what I do. I do whatever is necessary to warm up. Including using whatever is on hand to wrap around my stiff, cold surely-becoming-frostbit body. I really do get cold very easily. If it’s sunny and 70 degrees? I can handle that, as long as it’s not windy. If it’s cloudy and 70 degrees? I need to be in pants, and possibly have three layers of shirts on. Long-sleeve shirts on. Maybe even a jacket. Why am I talking about this? Well, because yesterday it was 78 degrees and sunny – today it’s 62 degrees, cloudy and rainy. I’m so cold!!!!! 🙁 It doesn’t help that my husband is naturally hot all the time so our home stays at a chilly 68. Well, the thermostat stays at 68, which means the house could fluctuate between 65 degrees (winter) and 70 degrees (summer). Right now, it’s 67 degrees inside. I have a blanket around my legs, comfy pants on, socks, slippers and a long sleeve shirt on. Ok, fine, none of that is unusual. The only thing that could change would be the shirt – I might be in a t-shirt if the weather was any warmer. But if I’m inside – I’m almost always in a long-sleeve shirt because of the thermostat setting. Anyway, I didn’t start this post to complain about the cold..but it is making me sad…I know summer is coming to a close (apparently as fast as possible) and that means winter is right around the corner. Again, I digress…..

Ok, so I know I’m a SAHM and maybe the weekdays shouldn’t differ too much from the weekend, but they do! I thoroughly look forward to Friday afternoons. That means my husband will be home and we have the rest of Friday, all day Saturday and all day Sunday as a family. I absolutely love the weekend. Especially since I don’t plan anything (chore-wise) for the weekends other than laundry. And alarms aren’t set for 4:45 am. Sunday morning I have an alarm set (for 7 am), but that’s because we have church, and I look forward to church, so that alarm is a good thing.

What do we normally do on the weekends? Hmm…well, Spring through Fall we’re outside as much as possible. We’re at a local park, lake, small town or just in our front yard. We’ll walk or take a bike ride. We might run an errand or two, but those are thrown in with the outdoor activities. We just enjoy each other’s company. We get together with our friends and that’s a bonus. In the  But the best part is just enjoying each other – our little family.

In the Winter? I sit around depressed and blue because of all the snow and cold weather. Just kidding..well, about just sitting around. I do have to fight a slight case of depression from the cold, snow and lack of sunshine. I am definitely a sunshine and heat kind of girl so Winter is not my favorite or even in my top three seasons list. It’s at the bottom. The very itty bitty bottom. I only enjoyed Winter last year because Z was so excited to be experiencing snow for the first time (he was too young in 2013-2014 winter). So, watching him get that excited about it helped me not be so bummed. I’m curious if he’ll still enjoy it this year or if he’ll start to dislike the cold…we’ll see. So in the Winter, we mainly do indoor activities. It’s not nearly as “active” as the rest of the seasons, but prayerfully, the season goes quickly and mommy stays optimistic – counting down the days until Spring.

On top of enjoying being around my husband and son – I am able to watch their interaction. I absolutely love to sit back and watch them interact. There’s something about watching my husband be a dad that thrills me. Watching our son just adore and mimic everything daddy does, from throwing a baseball to something so small as stretching just because daddy did it. Z brings a different level of joy to my husband’s life that I don’t. I’m OK with that. I get excited about that. When daddy walks in the front door and Z comes running, “daddy! Daddy home, daddy home!”, and my husband gets this huge grin on his face? Yup, I’m ok that Z got that grin. I get a totally different grin, anyway, and I’m fine with it. 😉

So what do we have planned for this weekend? We have nothing planned until Sunday and I’m perfectly fine with that. We were gone all last weekend with the family reunion and then had something every night this week. So just taking the moments as they come tonight and tomorrow? I’m all for that! Bring on the weekend!!! 🙂

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