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In one of my first posts, I wrote about how I keep up with my housework by having a daily/weekly chore list (no, it’s not written out, other than right here. Once I place something in my daily/weekly routine, I just do it. No physical list needed!). Now, I’m able to keep up with this because I have the type of personality that insists on routine. Remember? So once I place something in my routine, well, it stays in the routine until it’s no longer needed. If this means I continue to wake up at 4:45 am, then so-be-it. I’m a ROUTINE kind of gal. I get this – the routine thing – from my father, or so I’m told. He has a routine (especially in the morning) and he does not like to stray far from it.

I get the cleaning gene from my mother – it’s an Amish thing. We grew up in a super clean home. She grew up in a clean home. The Amish love a clean home and strive (well, most of them) to keep their homes clean.I’m not saying that non-Amish do not keep clean homes. I know there are many out there that do. I’m just saying that this is how I was raised and I know that this is how many of my cousins were raised and it’s because of how our mothers were raised. There were daily/weekly chores and so we have incorporated them into our lives, as grown women.

Now, I’m not saying that all the nooks and crannies are perfect and you won’t find a cobweb or a dust-bunny. I’m saying the home is picked up and, for the most part, you will almost never see my home cluttered and messy. I enjoy being in a clean and clutter-free environment. I do, however, have a toddler. This does not play well into “clean and clutter-free”. He likes to pull out several toys/books at once and then abandon them for the next item. We’re working on cleaning up after ourselves. We’ll get the meantime, this mommy is learning all about patience and not having things “just so”, at least not when said toddler is awake. 😉

So, here’s my cleaning routine:

Daily: Wipe down counter-tops, stove and table, run dishwasher as needed (almost daily), and pick up the house before nap-time and again at bedtime.

Monday and Wednesday – vacuum all floors. We have do not have carpeting in our house – only area rugs. I do not pick up the area rugs on Monday and Wednesday. I simply vacuum around and over them. We have a vacuum that goes from hard floor to rugs with just a push of a button – it’s wonderful!

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday – laundry. I do all laundry on these three days with the towels and wash cloths being washed on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Thursday – Dust the entire house and clean the bathroom.

Friday – Sweep the floors (I’ve learned that nothing beats sweeping..not even the vacuum. Sweeping just gets more of the dirt somehow…I pick up the area rugs before sweeping), I swiffer the floors, and mop. Vacuum all area rugs.

As Needed – Our refrigerator (double fridge doors on top, sliding freezer door on bottom) was on sale at Sears Outlet. It had some very minor scratches and dents. We got a great deal, and we had to buy one, because the last one just stopped working completely. This one works great…EXCEPT that the freezer leaks…like leaks water into the bottom of the freezer. Now, it’ll freeze into a nice solid piece of ice. However, if you don’t go in there and break apart that ice (sometimes you’re lucky and it’ll mostly break apart into 3-4 pieces) and remove it, the water will overflow before it can freeze and we have a nice mess all over the kitchen floor. So I have to watch this and be sure to remove the ice before it’s too thick, but not when it’s still water (because that’s just way too hard). Yeah, it’s annoying, but hey, the fridge and freezer still work wonderfully for storing our food, so I refuse to buy a new one. I can make this work and I do! 🙂

Completed as the urge strikes – Moving furniture and vacuuming underneath. Cleaning out the fridge. Cleaning out the pantry (ok, it’s a cabinet, but when you have a teeny tiny house, you tend to make do with what you have and I call our “larger” cabinet, where the dry foods are stored, a “pantry”).

Should be weekly, but doesn’t get done weekly: remember how I said I would be honest? OK, don’t be grossed out, but I don’t wash our sheets every week. I know! I know!!! It’s just so annoying to change sheets. And our comforter is a king, while the bed is a queen, so the comforter is hard to change (our bed is a sleigh bed, so you have to tuck the comforter into the bottom – I will always go with a footboard-less bed from now on). Judge me all you want…but there you have it.

Being that our house is all of 800 sq ft, it does take an awful long time to clean. Kidding! It doesn’t take long at all. For this, I am thankful. When you have a 45 lb dog and an almost-2 year old (plus you babysit another 29 month old 5 days a week), even a small house can get pretty dirty in a small amount of time. Would I love a bigger home? Absolutely. But for now? I thank the Lord for the roof over my head, the one that doesn’t take me HOURS to clean at one time. Because I don’t have the energy or time for that…I do not want to get up at 3:45 am……

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