Reunion Day is HERE!


Last night was a great night with my parents and siblings. As usual, there was food involved, then snacking. But of course, cards were in play (get it?) too. We played cards in the afternoon and again in the evening. Now, remember when I said my family gets competitive? We do. Some cheat openly, some slyly cheat, and others use their old age to their advantage – pretending they couldn’t “see” the card they just played in error, or that they didn’t know a certain rule existed. Either way, rules in place will be tested. Patience is also tested. There are those of us who need time to think through our strategy at almost every turn (I am one of them, yes). God forbid I take an extra 20 seconds to look over the cards that were played since my last turn, then look at all my options (thinking of both the current play and what could benefit me in future plays). Then there is the inevitable fight between spouses. Last night it was my husband and I. It was all his fault too! He plays to win and it matters not one wit to him if it’s at my expense. The nerve! I’m his wife, companion, best friend. He’s to love me as Christ loved the church and laid down His life for her. I bore this man a SON. A son, folks! I went through 27.5 hours of labor just to bring his firstborn, a son, into this world. I SLAVE, night and day, to ensure his castle is clean and tidy, clothes are washed, dried and put away (most of them – he’s responsible for the ones that are hung up because the man has so many clothes that I can’t squeeze any more into the closet). I cook for him. I sing for him! Ok, I don’t sing for him specifically. Mainly I’m singing with our son and they’re usually silly songs. But do you understand the picture I’m painting? I do all of this for my husband and we play a simple card game and he forgets all of my sacrifices and love. He’s in the game to win, come hell or high water. Come angry wife or cold shoulder. So I do what any other reasonable, loving and generous Proverbs 31 wife would do.

Vs. 17 – She girds herself with strength,
And strengthens her arms

What the verse doesn’t say is that she then goes on to use those powerful arms to swing at her husband. I’m just kidding!!!!!! I simply glare at him, complain, whine and remind him I’m his wife. My sister pointed out that I really should know better than to ever sit next to my husband in a card game where you hand cards left and/or right at any particular point. She has me there. I may enjoy sitting next to my husband, but, for the sanctity of our marriage, from this moment on, I choose to sit across from him, or two people over. Just not next to him. Somehow I feel like he will still find a way to mess with me when it comes to cards. The man really is ruthless in his gaming….

Anyway, we finished up with cards once my dad started nodding off in between his turns. I then saw a few photo albums laying to my right, so I picked them up. My mom, sister and I started going through them. They were from the late 1990’s to early 2000’s…oh the memories!!!!! We were laughing so hard at some of the pictures. The expressions, the clothes and just the reminders of where we come from. We found quite a few pictures of my grandma (who just passed away 3 months ago tomorrow) and one of her and grandpa (who passed away 16 years ago). I took a few pictures of the pictures and uploaded them to FB for our extended family to enjoy. I wish I could have uploaded them all – there’s another thing our whole family loves and it’s pictures and reminiscing. We love to laugh at each other and with each other. We’re just a fun family, y’all. 🙂 That’s why I am so excited and absolutely can not wait to see everyone in a few hours.

So excited that when my husband woke up with a sneeze attack (allergies) at 5:13 am, I was wide awake. I tried going back to sleep, but that wasn’t working, so I got up and showered and am ready to go! 🙂

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