I’m Here! I’m Here!


We made it! We left our house at 4:32 pm yesterday, a whole 2 minutes behind schedule. That’s incredible for us! ๐Ÿ™‚ Especially when you have a child and a dog…So we got on the road and beat rush hour. We hit some really heavy rain within a half hour of leaving and it was HEAVY. Thankfully, that only lasted for about a half hour and then it cleared up. It did cut our time down a little, however. Shortly after the rain ended, I placed my hand on my husband’s arm and left it there. About 30 seconds later, we hear “no shirt, no! No mommy, no daddy shirt!” I turn around and take my hand off my husband’s shirt and sure enough, Z stops yelling and starts smiling. For real? I don’t think so kiddo. You may be best buds with daddy, but I was here first!


We got on the Ohio Turnpike in Toledo, and my husband was on a mission – reach my parents house by the U of M football game kickoff, which was 8:30 pm last night. It was their season opener. We started seeing signs, shortly after getting on the turnpike, stating “long delays ahead, seek alt route”. I saw the signs and just assumed it meant the construction, as the turnpike has had construction for quite a while. Well, my husband is a much smarter man and pulled up his GPS and it showed that, if we stayed on the turnpike, there was an accident and it would take an extra hour to get to our destination. So we decided to take the detour. The closer we got to the detour, the longer the turnpike would take. By the time we got to our detour exit, the turnpike would have taken an extra hour and a half! We saw the traffic stopped, not a half mile up the road on the turnpike, when we exited. I was so thankful that my husband heeded the signs and took us a different route.

Shortly after exiting, Z started doing a dance (as much as a toddler can dance in a car seat), stating he had to pee. Per my husband’s request, I had put him in a diaper for the trip so that we wouldn’t have to stop. Well, bless Z’s heart, he did not want to pee in that diaper. He wanted to keep it dry. My husband and I kept telling him he could just go pee in the diaper this one time but he kept dancing and smiling and saying “I pee, I pee” and “pee pee, pee pee”. Finally, after a good 5-10 minutes of us encouraging him to go pee this one time, and realizing it wasn’t happening (and worrying that he might hold it the entire time, since it had already been a good 2 hours since we’d left the house), my husband said he was pulling over. Z was so excited that daddy was pulling over so he could pee. What do you know – the Lord provided a rest area at that very moment, no joke. So we pulled in, got Z out of the truck, and daddy brought him to my side of the truck let him go pee (I was extra thankful for a son at this moment – he could stand outside the truck to pee and no public restroom was needed!).



We only lost 2 minutes! Back on the road and 30 seconds after getting back on the road, our dog puked. Sigh….this is not all that unusual. She tends to get anxious and worked up when we travel, but normally, if she hasn’t puked in the first hour of travel, we’re good to go. I think the stop, topped with the detour (which was hilly and a curvy) made for an extra sick dog. ๐Ÿ™ I turned around in my seat to make sure none of the puke would be reaching our child or the floor (we have a blanket and waterproof barrier between the dog and the truck seat). Well, of course puke got on my hand!!!! Thankfully, I always carry a bag of paper towels and cleaner with us, when traveling with our dog, for this purpose. So I cleaned up as best I could while my husband kept going (can’t lose more time!). I turned around and now I’m sick. I should mention I get motion sickness. Ick…thankfully, it didn’t last as long as it normally does. Thank you Jesus!

We get back on the turnpike and all is well. Z did great for the first 3.5 hours of the drive and by the time we hit our old hometown of Warren, Oh it was fairly dark. Z was starting to get tired, as it was 8:15 by then and past his bedtime. He was starting to get in that sleep zone, so I did what I was trying to avoid – I put on a Baby Einstein video collection we have which is their Puppet collection. He LOVES it and has ever since my husband found it and downloaded it to our Tablet. Sure enough, it woke him right up.

But of course, our trip couldn’t be so smooth – we hit another detour about 30 minutes from my parents house – in the middle of the country!!!!! Grrr…so we go that detour route (calling my aunt and uncle to confirm the fastest detour as it’s right by their house) and get back on track. Right about that time, our dog pukes AGAIN. Double sigh….at this point, my husband just wants to get there and watch the game. I reassure him that he can head inside with Z and I’ll clean the puke. I can handle that. I felt bad that he was missing his football game. So we get to my parents house, FINALLY, around 8:45 pm. Let the dog out, get Z out, and my husband heads in the house with them and the luggage. I get started on the clean up. Thankfully, only a small portion of puke got on the truck floor, but a bunch got into the plastic bag that was carrying our dog’s leash and food….so I had to clean all that out. As it was dark when we got to my parents, clean up was a little difficult. However, I had packed a super bright flashlight in my backpack when we left out house (why? I don’t know…I just saw it as we were getting ready to leave and thought “pack it, you never know when you’ll need it, as you’re traveling at night and Z might even like it as a toy, if you need a distraction while driving”. Thank the Lord, because it came in handy while cleaning up!) and I used that to assist the cleanup. My mom came out and helped me carry the rest of the stuff inside and we putย the blankets and leashes right into her washer (which is brand new – really broke that sucker in, lol!). Then I unpacked what was needed, got Z ready for bed, and we put him to bed around 9:15. He didn’t get to sleep until about 9:50 pm, maybe. My husband and I ate a super late dinner, hung out and chatter with my parents until my parents and I went to bed around 11. My husband stayed up to finish watching the football game (U of M lost, boo).

I thought for sure that Z would sleep in this morning – nope. Big fat NOPE. He first made noise at 4:15 am, and then was wide awake at 5:45 am! I left him in there, thinking he would go back to sleep – nope. He starting asking for me, then daddy, and when that didn’t work, started calling for grandma and papa. So I rolled out of bed, got my teeth brushed, contacts in and took the dog out. While I was outside, I remembered that my uncle usually drives past my parents house around 6:30 am or so on his way to work. So I run inside, call my dad and ask him what time Uncle Andy drives past and what car he now drives. I run upstairs, grab a piece of paper and write on it. I grab my dog’s now-dry leash and put shoes on again and head outside..just as I round the corner to head for the road – there goes my uncle. I missed him by that much! He did see me and we waved, but I wasn’t able to show him my sign..So I sent him a text instead so he knew I had wanted to be that goofy 31-year-old out at the front of the drive, ha!


So I then got Z up and we got ready for the day. Grandma was up so Z was all excited to see her and get the day started with playing. Grandma and Papa have a ton of amazing toys, including a basketball hoop. Z can’t really reach it, so Grandma showed him how his cousin stands on a table and shoots hoops. (Mommy got the bright idea to put the shopping cart underneath the hoop to catch the balls so she wouldn’t have to chase them all over the place.)


And now we’re off to see what the day has in store! Some of Z’s favorite cousins are coming around lunch time, but before that, we’re headed off to see Papa at work! Lots of trucks and tractors and logs. All things my son absolutely loves. Plus Papa. What could be better? ๐Ÿ™‚

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