A Ride with Mom


This morning I went for ride with my mom (my husband and Z had a daddy/son date)- we stopped in to see my dad and I absolutely loved it. I got out of the car and had to snap a picture. Something about the country just feels so right to me. My husband and I do not live in the country like this and I do miss it. Yes, it could take you 30-40 minutes to get anywhere, but just look at that view. No high-rise buildings, no strip malls and no constant traffic. It’s quiet, it’s serene and it feels so calming. OK, for me, a person with an active imagination, it can also be creepy at night. But come on, have you watched any crime shows/movies lately? Everyone either disappears from the country or is killed and buried in the country. So…my imagination kicks in. However, I still love the country.

Then I turned and saw all this – this is what I grew up around.


Logs, logs and more logs. Log trucks, sawdust, stacks of lumber and the smell of diesel in the air. I inhaled deeply and went with my mom to say hi to my dad (stopping for a second to harass my brother who works for my parents), and then my mom and I headed back to their house. We even stopped in at an Amish salvage store for some Amish Fry Pies! Yummy!!

Now it’s time to get dinner together as my siblings are here for a family dinner. Have I mentioned how much I love my family and spending time with them? 🙂

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