No More Big Sleeps!


Today is the day!!! No more “big sleeps” as my mom says, when she talks to her grand-kids. She’ll count down how many nights are left until a big event and call them “big sleeps” so they know naps (mini-sleeps) don’t count. It’s caught on quite quickly! I’m so excited – we’ll travel to my parents house in PA today, after my husband comes home from work. It’ll take about 4 hours, as long as we don’t have to stop. Now, this will be interesting, since this is the first time we travel with a potty trained child. The bonus is that our potty trained child is a boy – so pulling over beside the road and having him just pee there is perfectly acceptable (right?). However, do I just put a diaper on him for the trip? Hmm..I’m leaning towards leaving the underwear. Just because he does really well with telling us when he has to go. Anyway, we’ll get to my parents house after Z’s bedtime, which means we’ll also be traveling over dinnertime. So I’ll be packing our dinner for a “road picnic”. As in, eating while driving. My husband said he’ll just wait to eat until we get to my parents, but that’s way too late for Z, so I’ll pack some yummy finger food for him and that way, we won’t have to stop for dinner! I’m all about getting there as soon as possible when it comes to driving to see family.

We’ll spend tonight through Saturday with my parents and family (extended family for the reunion on Saturday) and then head to my husband’s parents house (they live in OH, about 30 minutes from my parents) Saturday night and stay there for the remainder of the trip. So Z will be able to spend time with both sets of grandparents. He’ll see his cousins and many extended cousins. He will be tuckered out after this trip, I’m sure!

The food? Oh, the food will be there, and so much! The general “rule” for the reunion is that everyone pack their own lunch/dinner (and drinks) and bring a dessert/finger food to share. We used to do potluck style, but many people have diet restrictions now so it’s just easier if everyone bring their own meals and something to share. I’ll be bringing Snickers cookies, per my husband’s request.

Pictures? There will be so many pictures taken, I’m sure. I’ll be taking pictures of Z playing with all his little friends that he doesn’t see nearly enough for my liking, then the ever-necessary pictures of my immediate family and of course – pictures with cousins I don’t see but once a year and sometimes not that often. THEN there will be the endless picture-taking with my bosom friends – Ann and Laura. I haven’t seen Ann since my baby shower, in August of 2013. I have seen Laura multiple times since then, but the three of us have not been together since my baby shower. Since then, three children have been born. I had Z and Laura and Ann both had little girls. So I am looking forward to just chatting with these two – we’ve done life together since, well, we were born, ha! Laura and I were close as children, then drifted apart for a few years in our early teenage years, then back, stronger than ever in our mid-teens. Ann just naturally joined our friendship and no matter how long we go without seeing one another, it’s like no time has passed. That’s the friendship and bond we share. We can sit and talk for HOURS, literally, and never run out of things to talk about. Our imaginations are as wild and crazy as they can be and we get that about each other. We can laugh together, cry together, be silent together and it’s not awkward. Oh, I can’t wait!!!!!!! 🙂

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