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This is my perfect “me time” – sitting outside, in the sun, reading. Reading an actual book. Like with real pages. I know that many people have advanced to the Kindle and apps on their phones/Tablets/iPad. Not me. I do have an app on my phone for reading and have used it. But I so prefer to have the book in my hand and turn those pages. I love the smell of books. There’s just something so relaxing about reading, to me, and I can’t get that relaxation when I’m reading on my lit-up phone. It’s just my preference.

I’m also blessed that my husband encourages me to have this “me time” when he’s home on the weekends as well. I’m not naive…I do believe that he knows encouraging and supporting me to relax and read, means he gets to watch whatever sport is on TV (or multiple sports, as he likes to channel surf on commercial breaks). My going outside plays in his favor because I won’t be sitting next to him, saying “so…want to watch something funny?” or “we should talk about the bills”, “did you remember to do x?” or the quite possible “Can you turn the TV down? I want to nap”. Basically, “me time” for his wife, outside with a book and the sunshine, means a relaxed and refreshed wife in 30 minutes. 🙂

What do you do for your “me time”? If you don’t do it now, what do you wish you could start doing?

2 thoughts on “Me time

  1. I would read. Real page-turning books. ADULT books…um, the clean ones. Just saying–NOT a children’s book! But I always end up feeling guilty if I take “me time” during the day. 🙁

    1. I used to feel guilty too – like I should always be “busy” all day long. But even the Lord rested! Jesus encouraged Martha to rest as well, when He visited with her and Mary (Luke 10). I remind myself that taking time to rest, daily, is a good thing for me and for my family. I feel refreshed and that means that my family has a happy wife and mommy 😉

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