I can laugh at myself


I said that I will be open and honest with you all, right? Well, here’s a picture that my sis-in-law snapped. She was getting a picture of our two boys hugging (seriously – how cute are they???), and that is me in the background attempting to get the same picture. What in the world am I doing, though? Why am I standing like that? She sent me this picture yesterday and I burst out laughing. Such a cute picture of two young cousins hugging each other as we part ways for the day, and then there’s the typical mom, in the background, trying to preserve the precious memory…but instead, she adds dimension (albeit funky) to the picture. Because seriously, behind every great picture is normally someone (again, normally a mom, grandma, aunt or female of some sort) standing in some awkward pose attempting to capture the right angle, face, emotion and moment in time. Right? I’m not the only one, am I? Eh, if I am, I am. I’m at the age where I can now laugh at myself and even post that picture on the internet! 🙂 Oh, and the photos I took? I snapped two of them and neither one came out that great. Boo. There’s always next time!

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