A Day in My Shoes

Ok, so I should be upfront and let you know that I am a woman who loves routine. I have been like that for as long as I can remember, really. I enjoy a set bedtime for myself, weekends included (it’s 10 pm, for the record. I don’t last much later than that even if I try). I get up at 4:45 every weekday but allow myself the luxury of sleeping in on the weekends. Sleeping in meaning whenever my son wakes up, which is normally between 6:45 – 7 am. Why do I get up so early during the week? Well, I have some things that need accomplished before my son wakes up. I wouldn’t be able to get them done (or not as efficiently) if I waited until he was awake. Plus I’m a morning person. I enjoy having that quiet time in the house to myself. So I’ll get up and get my workout in, my shower, my devotions, grab a cup of coffee (making a cup for my husband to take to work with him) and sit down to watch the news while I work on the blog and browse social media or accomplish some other tasks such as bills/balancing with the bank (I have days for everything – we’ll cover that). My husband heads off to work by 6:50 or so and I finish whatever I’m working on before I get our son. If he’s awake before 7 am, I leave him in the crib until 7 or a little after. I’m really blessed that he loves his crib. He will lay in there and talk to himself or just lay in there, playing with his crocheted blanket that my Amish grandma (my mom’s mom) made. He is ATTACHED to that blanket. He will not nap without it and loves to snuggle with it. That blanket was there the day he was born (which could be a whole ‘nother blog…27.5 hrs of labor…yeah) and he’s slept with it ever since. I wrapped him in either that blanket or a blanket my sister made for him ever since. He now sleeps with both. Anyway, so I get him up and we get our day started. We get dressed and snuggle in the living room, either watching the news or his beloved Paw Patrol (on Nickelodeon) while he has some milk. Then I make him breakfast – one egg, sunny side up, and yogurt. That has been his breakfast since he was 6 months old. He always asks for it and very rarely does he want something different. Sometimes he doesn’t want all of the yogurt and/or egg, but that’s rare. After breakfast we just hang out and play. I also babysit a 29 month old boy (we’ll call him J), and he usually arrives between 8-9 am. If it’s nice enough, I’ll take the boys outside for the entire morning. We either hang out in our fenced in back patio or I’ll walk to the local elementary school and they play on the playground. The days when it’s nice, sunny and we’re outside all morning? Those are the best – the boys love being outside and so do I! This week has been crummy weather so I’ve been missing that outdoor time.

Lunch time comes and my husband normally is able to come home for lunch, which is always a nice break in our day. After lunch it’s nap time for the boys. Then, it all depends on the weather as to what I’ll be doing while they nap. If it’s nice, sunny and warm – I head on outside for a little sun and relaxation. I will sit out back on the patio and either read or just relax for 20-30 minutes. I fully believe that taking this “me time” is vital to my emotional health – it rejuvenates and refreshes me. I encourage everyone to take some portion of time every day to themselves. When I worked outside the home I took my lunch break as my “me time” and would go to my car. I would either read, rest or just do something for me. I wouldn’t do bills or anything unless I absolutely had to. Find a time each day to set aside when you do something you enjoy and stick to it. After this “me time”, I’ll come back inside and work on anything that needs it, whether it’s phone calls, bills, setting doctor appointments, laundry, etc. You know, whatever makes a household run smoothly. 🙂

The boys wake up (if I’m really lucky – they’ll sleep for 2-3 hours!) and we have a few minutes of quietly adjusting, then it’s back to full throttle. If it’s nice out, we’re back outside. J is picked up between 4:15-4:30. My husband also comes home between that time so then it’s family time. We’ll go for a walk, bike ride or play with the neighbor kids. If it’s not so nice outside, we play inside.

Dinner is normally around 6 pm, followed by some more playtime. If it’s a bath night, our son gets a bath (I can’t keep referring to him as “son”…hmm…we’ll call him Z :))..ok, so Z will usually get a bath around 7. Then it’s snuggle time. We either watch Jeopardy, Paw Patrol (Z’s choice), or we’ll read books. Again, we’re really blessed, because Z loves to read. As a reader myself, I am so happy he loves to read. It thrills me when I walk into the living room or his bedroom and see him sitting, reading his books. Be still my book-loving heart! Any way, it’s off to bed for Z around 8 pm. We both take him in, pray with him, then daddy smooches and hugs Z and hands him off to me. I sing “You Are My Sunshine” to him, smooch and hug him and put him in bed. I say a few things to him from my childhood (“Z, you know what? My heart says I love you!”, after which he says “Grandma!” because my mom says that to him all the time. 🙂 I also say “Night night, bless you, I love you”. My parents said that to us every night and it’s just a very special memory. Z will now repeat back “bless you!”). I’ll leave the room, while he attempts to draw out bedtime by insisting his pacifier needs washed (yes, he has a pacifier, BUT he only has it when he’s in bed, so I count that a victory…), he has to pee (yes, he’s potty trained, so I count that a MAJOR victory – he’s been potty trained for 2 months now!), he has to poop, or he’ll just say “uh oh”, because he got me back in there ONE time by saying that. Toddlers are smart, folks. They are very smart. Anyway, I’ll come out to the living room to spend the next two hours with my husband, talking about our day and then watching some TV to unwind and relax. Some nights I feel like the day went well and other days I feel like my every nerve was tested and that I failed in major ways as a wife and mom. But no matter how I feel I did as a wife and mom, I feel blessed that the Lord brought my husband to me and granted us little Z. I  got married young (20 years old) and then waited for so long to be a mommy (29 years old) and I count every moment, even the hard ones, as a blessing. Because no matter what, this is the life I wanted, longed for, prayed for. To be a wife and mommy.

My husband and I go to bed, praying together before we drift off to sleep, and I fall asleep mentally planning the next day. A woman’s brain truly does not shut off…If there’s a woman out there who can shut her brain off for more than 5 minutes, please let me know your secret!!! 🙂

To summarize:

4:45 am – wake up, work out, shower, devotions, and miscellaneous tasks (bills, blog, social media, email)

7 – 7:30 am – Z wakes up, get him dressed, he has milk and breakfast

8 – 9 am – J arrives and we determine what to do for the morning

10 am – snack time

12 pm – lunch time

1 pm – nap time / me time!

3 – 4 pm – the boys wake up

4:15 – 4:30 pm – J is picked up and my husband comes home from work / biking, walking, play time as a family

6 pm – dinner / followed by playing

7 pm – bath

7:30 pm – family snuggle time

8 pm – bedtime for Z / mommy and daddy time!

10 pm – bedtime for mommy and normally daddy (sometimes daddy will watch TV in the bedroom – I never wanted a TV in the bedroom, but this was a compromise so we could go to bed at the same time)

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