Baking with my sidekick – cookies completed!

We finished the Snickers cookies for daddy today – what a little helper.



He only tried once to eat the uncooked dough, but I stopped him in time. We shaped the dough into balls, rolled them in the brown sugar and cinnamon (recipe will be up later on the site), and put them in the oven to bake!



My son was super excited to make these, but the excitement wore off when mommy got a phone call from a neighbor and he no longer had my undivided attention…in between rotating cookies in/out of the oven and chatting with the neighbor, I was trying to keep him from screaming. He has apparently entered the stage of ensuring that mommy does not focus her attention on the phone. I remember, vividly, my mom enforcing a rule – we had to sit quietly for 20 minutes if we interrupted her while she was on the phone. Now I know why. The phone call took decidedly longer than needed because I had to pause a few times to address his behavior. He took pleasure in screaming, then would smile all sweetly when I looked his way. I tried the stern, quiet look a few times, but that didn’t work. So I had to ask the neighbor to excuse me for a moment and I got down to his level and firmly explained that if he didn’t want discipline, he needed to behave while mommy was on the phone. He sweetly said “ok” and walked away. I patted myself on the back, mentally, for a job well done. HA! Not a minute later did I see him climbing up on the TV stand. Yes, he knows he is not allowed. I walked towards him and he starts saying “get down! get down!”. Yes, he will say to me exactly what he knows I will say to him, before I say it. Smart little fella, huh? Hmm… I ended the call and got him down just as the timer went off for the last batch of cookies.



Perfection – daddy should be happy. And he was! He came home for lunch and says to me “Why have you never made these for me before?” I told him that I had them growing up, but just never thought they would be something he would like as he’s not a person who likes sweets, really. He just shook his head and said these are almost decidedly his favorite cookie – it’s between these and the Oatmeal Butterscotch. I told him this batch is all his!

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