Baking with my sidekick


I love to bake and cook. We’ve already covered that. What’s even more enjoyable? Baking and cooking with my husband and/or son. I should be more precise, my husband doesn’t bake. He’s more of the throw-it-together-somewhat-following-a-recipe kind of guy, so baking is not his forte, what with all the exact measurements, certain baking temperatures and times. Just like I don’t grill – I leave that to my husband. He’s a genius with the grill and I’m perfectly happy to have him handle all the grilling and I’ll handle all the baking. πŸ™‚
Today’s enjoyable bake session was prepping the Snickers cookie dough (see recipe here)Β with my son. My husband has hinted, OK ASKED, me to make some more since the bake sale on Saturday. He has decided that they are his new favorite cookie. I don’t have to ask my son twice if he wants to help mommy bake. He will come running, pull up a chair and stand at the counter, ready and waiting. He loves to watch the stand mixer (yes, I have to remind him not to stick utensils into the mixer while it’s running, regardless of how “yummy” it looks) and call out ingredients as I put them in the mixer. “Egg, mommy!”

I’m pretty sure he enjoys the process only because the end result is almost always him licking the beater/spoon. πŸ™‚ As soon as I say we’re done mixing, he runs for his seat at the table, saying “shirt, mommy, shirt.” Why? Well, because this mommy knows that whatever is on the beater/spoon will end up all over him. He does not eat neatly when it comes to this. It’s on his forehead, belly, arms, you name it. So the shirt comes off.


And Lord help us all if I attempt to remove the utensil from his grip before he has deemed it clean of any possible dough. Goodness gracious. I so enjoy these moments with my son. He may grow up to enjoy baking and cooking, or he may just enjoy the memories of it all. Either way, I cherish the time and include him as often as possible. Teaching him safety in the kitchen (that’s always a fun one with a 23 month old super curious boy) and that cooking and baking can be enjoyed by everyone! I remember baking and cooking with my mom, our aprons on and I always enjoyed those times. Did I enjoy the clean up? No….for some reason, I also remember weighing the pros and cons of baking cookies – did I really want to bake cookies when that meant that I would also have to clean the dishes afterwards? This was long before my parents had an actual electronic dishwasher. My dad would say he had four dishwashers (I have 3 siblings), there was no need to buy one. We sure didn’t agree with him at the time, ha! Funny thing is, I now enjoy hand-washing dishes. I find it therapeutic. πŸ™‚
I digress – my son and I made the dough, and it’s now chilling in the refrigerator overnight. Tomorrow we’ll bake those cookies and my husband will be one happy man! πŸ™‚

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