My Body is catching up

Whew – what a weekend it was! Saturday morning was all “hurry up and get everything set up by 8 am”, then just “sit and wait”. It was a beautiful day and we had some busy times, but not too much. Being that we live in a condo complex, it was a bit difficult. We live in the back corner of a court, and we were only one of two condo units having a sale in our court. To top that off, the other unit ended up taking their items (they didn’t have much) to the front of the court where there was more traffic. We had way too much set up, as the yard sale part, to do that. I would’ve moved just the home-baked goods to the front of the court, but then my husband would have had to stay with the yard sale items and with our son running around (and then down for a nap), we agreed that moving wasn’t an option. One of us had to be close to the house at all times, and separating the yard sale and bake sale wouldn’t work. All in all, it was still a great day. Our son did great, playing outside with the neighbor children and then taking a nice 2 hour nap. Shortly after he woke up, the yard sale officially ended, so we packed the yard sale items up (minus a few high-ticket items that I am going to try to sell online), placed them directly into my husband’s truck and off we went to The Salvation Army.

Yesterday we took the day to just relax…and go grocery shopping since I neglected that to-do item all last week. We had some much-needed family time, playing outside, and just enjoyed each other. It was a great Sunday!

This morning I was exhausted but it was nice to wake up and be on my schedule, as usual, but without the feeling of “I have to x, y, and z”. I had the same schedule last week, in the mornings, but the rest of my days were just PACKED with baking and prepping for Saturday. So today has been refreshing. I spent the morning outside with my son and the boy I babysit. The fresh air and sunshine was needed and appreciated. 🙂

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