The Amish Side Of Me?

What does the name mean? Well, it’s who I am, really. There’s an Amish side to me. Being that I was raised in that culture, a lot of my characteristics are defined by that heritage. I enjoy a clean and organized home. I love to bake and cook. I take pride in being a wife and mommy. That satisfies and nourishes my soul. I am who I am because of how I was raised, which is with the Amish background. In essence – there’s an Amish side of me.

I was raised with a very strong work ethic – to do everything (no matter how small the task) with all my might. Now, these traits are not just specific to the Amish. I am aware that there are “English” folks out there who enjoy a clean and organized home, who have a strong work ethic, etc.. and have never been Amish. I’m not in any way trying to insinuate that only the Amish have these character traits. I do, however, know that these are the characteristics that my parents have, and passed on to their children. I see/saw these traits in my grandparents. I see them in my aunts, uncles and cousins. In a time and age when children aren’t always being raised to work for what they have, my parents did just that – we were not handed anything. If we wanted our allowance, we were expected to work for it – completing chores and doing so without complaint. If we wanted a car at 16, we had to work for it and save our money for the car. We had to pay for our own insurance and our own gas. We were raised to know the value of a dollar. There are many other faiths/religions/ethnicities out there that raise their children in a similar fashion and I applaud them. It’s not the easy way. Either the children scream and yell or society mocks you – stating you’re too hard on your child and that you should “help” them. There’s nothing wrong with helping your child. I would love nothing more than to give my son everything he needs in life to succeed and for him to never have a hard moment. But I also know that those hard moments are what make a person strong. My parents knew that and that’s how we were raised. To know that a hard time didn’t mean that we wouldn’t make it. We WOULD make it, by the grace of God, and we would be stronger because of the experience. Because of being raised to know how to financially handle ourselves and how to do our laundry, cook, clean and be responsible children/teens we are responsible adults. Contributing to society and not taking from it and abusing the world we live in. I had a curfew until I was married. Can you imagine?! (Granted, I lived at home and was married at 20, so it’s not like I was 25 with a curfew..) There were times, as a teenager, that I thought my parents were so strict and I was so mad. They were known as being the strictest parents in the neighborhood. But guess what? Looking back, I am so thankful for the guidelines and rules they had in place. I am who I am because my parents did what they believed to be right at that time. From them, I learned to respect my elders and authority, no matter who they are, and regardless of the difference of opinion. So many great things my parents taught me and I’ll be forever grateful. All these things were passed down to me, from them, and these were passed down to them from their amazing parents. The Amish have their problems, just like everyone else, but they do have so many amazing qualities, when you meet the right ones – like my family. šŸ™‚

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