What a week…

Alright – so I am extremely new to this blogging thing…on top of that, I am baking for a yard sale. Which I am also preparing items to be sold at. Yes, I am selling items at our community yard sale, baking goods for the yard sale, and attempting to set up a website, a host site, and blog – all during the same week. To make matters worse, my blog was set up completely yesterday and I was able to post twice (once introducing myself and once to explain the Amish thing). Today I transfer my blog to my host site and lost everything. I had to start all over with my blog. Design and all. Which, I know, the design is lacking MAJORLY. But I am frugal (which was covered in the now missing post) and am attempting to locate free web templates so I don’t have to pay $39 or more for one. Oh, and the baking? Well, I made some truffles. Which my mother and sister assured me where “soo easy!” to do. Yes, the first part is easy peasy. You just mix some cream cheese and a flavored cookie of your choosing. But when I go to dip them in chocolate? Of course it’s not easy for me! Everything has been running fairly smoothly for me this week. The Lord has been blessing me immensely with smooth sailing. I mean, a few hiccups here and there, but over all, not bad. I kept my cool (barely) and decided I would wait until my husband gets home from work today and then decide what to do with the truffles – continue to dip them in chocolate (which means I need to go buy more chocolate) or just call it and nix them from the baking menu for Saturday’s yard sale…..hmmm…. This is what I get for attempting to accomplish so much in one week. It’s a lot to cover. Add a 23 month old boy (mine) and a 28 month old boy (I babysit)? Yes, it’s probably a little too much. But I have been doing ok and will continue to do so. I’ve managed to sneak in reading and playing cars with the boys so that has helped with the stress level. Evening arrives and my husband has been so very helpful, even though he’s battling a cold. He helps me clean up and even went downstairs in the basement with me last night, helping me finish up pricing items for the yard sale! What a man. 😉

So, that all being said – yes, I am blogging, baking and babysitting. I am a SAHM mom with an amazing husband who loves me and accepts me even though I don’t wear any makeup unless we’re going to church. I wear yoga pants and t-shirts all week long. He doesn’t mind one bit that I’m not supermodel thin. Which is wonderful, because I love to eat, lol! That also means I have to exercise….but that’s ok. I don’t mind. I enjoy running as long as it’s not too long of a distance. 🙂 We have an amazing son who made me a mom – I waited so long to be a mom and he’s doing a great job of making my life as a mom wonderful! He is charming and sweet and loving and tests me and I’m ok with all that. 🙂 My husband and I aren’t perfect but we’re perfect for each other (cliche!). We have been through some incredibly cruddy times but we’re still together and still holding strong. In September, we’ll celebrate 11 years of marriage.

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